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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Slave in The Iron Mask

★ Skin from .Mojo (Group Gift) ★ 
★ Hair from Unique:Design (1L) ★
★ Mesh Dress from MoiMoi (Group Gift)
★ Mesh Leg Warmers with Shoes from Etchaflesh (199L)
★ Shoulder Fur from GSpot  (549L - Part of "Nightmare Fem" Outfit)
★ Mesh "Demon" Mask from Von Strauss INC. (100L)
★ Dagger from Primus Weapons (600L)
★ Necklace from Soedara (150L)

"Perhaps I was most startled on the silent streets of Tharna by the free women. They walked in this city unattended, with an imperious step, the men of Tharna moving to let them pass- in such a way that they never touched. Each of these women wore resplendent Robes of Concealment, rich in colour and workmanship, standing out among the drab garments of the men, but instead of the veil common with such robes the features of each were hidden behind a mask of silver. The masks were of identical design, each formed in the semblance of a beautiful, but cold face. Some of these masks had turned to gaze upon me as I passed, my scarlet warrior's tunic having caught their eye. It made me uneasy to be the object of their gaze, to be confronted by those passionless, glittering silver masks."
Outlaw of Gor, page 67 

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