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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Quest for The Golden Bow

Not written in the scrolls but told of in tales; it is said the Ubar of Ubar's Marlenus of Ar eventually freed Verna and she returned to the forests. On her release he gave her a bow made of solid gold, this had been crafted for him by the Priest kings as a gift for his services in the war with the Kurii. Verna took the fabled bow but as it reminded her of her enslavement and subjugation was unable to use it; traveling to Sadar she sought the Priestkings to return it, for the bowwas magical.

The Priestkings wishing not to see their creation lost forever to Gor set a riddle that when solved would mean the bowhad found its rightful owner. A box locked with 4 keys each having sculptured on each a letter that when brought together spelled a name of a woman and deep in the mind of that one woman implanted the location of the box and the incantationneeded to open it.

They then abducted 4 of the best female  bows in Gor and using mind control techniques, gave them a parcel that they neither knew what was in it, nor why they had it but that they should not look inside; all they knew was they needed to hold it with all their might lest it be taken from them by force. The Priestkings then set them to their homes in Gor not knowing why they traveled to Sadar only that they needed to protect the parcel they had been entrusted with.

These Huntress, names fabled through out Gor, though some had taken to cities, to make the search for them more difficult, were Ems; Mani; Nicc and Morri, for only after the parcel they held was taken from them and out of their sight would they be released from the spell that drove them.

The Priestkings wanting the quest to find the strongest to hold the bow, secretly through their agents, let the story be known and the names of those who carry the keys. Soon rumor of the golden bow and those who carried the secret spread like wild fire through the tribes. The tribe or Huntress who obtained all four keys and found the one named and then the location would claim this prize...sadly for the Priestkings far from being a quest it created many wars and deceptions, such are the ways of Goreans.

To find where the bow is hidden the letters inscribed on the keys spell a name find her; the sight of all 4 keys will open her mind and she will say the place and the words needed to open the box.

So the quest for the Golden bow began .................

Rules of the game - when the game begins there are only two real rules

1. If you have the key and are searched for it you must give it to keep the game rolling

2. There is only Rule 1 every thing else goes fighting, stealing, , blackmail etc.

3. The game commences when an announcement is spread through rumor (group notices) of the Golden Bow and the Huntresses that carry the keys; they cannot be first downed and have keys stolen by one of their own group. The keys pass into the game by being taken by one other than someone in their own group; once one of the key key holders gives up the key they are in the chase same as any one else. Key Holders - (Mani (manwa.pastorelli); Ems (emily.trebuchet); Nicc (Niccole Inglewood) ; Morri (Morrighan Serendipity)

4. The 4 keys must be shown to the one who's name they spell to release it from her mind to tell the location and words to open the box, She must not be harmed or taken or it will mean the box will  for ever remain locked

5. The box holding the golden bow can only be opened when all 4 keys are present and the correct words of incantation spoken (when the box is open buy the bow for 0 Linden and IM me and you get a replica and the GTS Voucher).


1. The idea is this will create RP intrigue and fights as tribes or individuals or small groups form to hunt, fight, cheat, trade, blackmail or do any thing they can to get all 4 keys

2. Rumors and and knowledge of the locations of the keys will be traded exchanged

3. The the 4 players who start the game will not know they carry the keys until taken from them the first time then their memory will be returned of the visit to the Priestkings; then they are in the game as anyone else

8. The bow could be searched for by an individual or teams who decide to fight for it later or tribes who want to hold it as a prize any thing you can think of goes

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