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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ubara of Ar

★ Skin from .DeeTaleZ (1L)
★ Mesh Hair from .ploom (200L)
★ Mesh Dress with Tangos Applier from RoTtEn DeFiAnCe (Group Gift)
★ Shoulder Fur from House of Fox (Group Gift)
★ Mesh Scepter from [Tia] (250L)
★ Face Chains from Ripped (1L)
★ Mesh Throne from Von Strauss (200L)
  "He regarded her.  "I am not your slave," she said.  "The throne of the Ubara of Ar," he said, " is empty.  They looked at one another.  "Thank you," she said, "Ubar."  "I will have all arrangements made," he said, "for your investiture as Ubara of Ar."  "But," she said, "Marlenus, I do not wish to be Ubara of Ar."  His men gasped. My men could not speak. I, too, was struck with silence. To be Ubara of Ar was the most glorious thing to which a woman might aspire. It meant that she would be the richest and most powerful woman on Gor, that armies and navies, and tarn cavalries, could move upon her very word, that the taxes of an empire the wealthiest on Gor could be laid at her feet, that the most precious of gems and jewelries might be hers, that she would be the most envied woman on the planet. "
  Hunters of Gor, pages 300-302  

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