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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Double Knowledge


★ Skin from .qbee (Group Gift)
★ Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills (250L)
★ Nails from pulcino (Group Gift)
★ Mesh Dress with Tangos Applier from Gor Gurls (295L)
★ Fur Stole from Mimikri (200L)
★ Mesh Gloves from Sweet Poison (70L - The Gorean Room Event *Part of Dakota Outfit*)
★ Flats from MooShooz (125L)

I was specially drilled in the Code of the Warrior Caste.
"It's just as well," said Torm. "You would never make a Scribe."
. . .
I was also instructed in the Double Knowledge - that is, I was instructed in what the people, on the whole, believed, and then I was instructed in what the intellectuals were expected to know. Sometimes there was a surprising discrepancy between the two. For example, the population as a whole, the castes below the High Castes, were encouraged to believe that their world was a broad, flat disk. Perhaps this was to discourage them from exploration or to develop in them a habit of relying on commonsense prejudices something of a social control device.
On the other hand, the High Castes, specifically the Warriors, Builders, Scribes, Initiates, and Physicians, were told the truth in such matters, perhaps because it was thought they would eventually determine it for themselves, from observations such as the shadow of their planet on one or another of Gor's three small moons during eclipses, the phenomenon of sighting the tops of distant objects first, and the fact that certain stars could not be seen from certain geographical positions; if the planet had been flat, precisely the same set of stars would have been observable from every position on its surface.
I wondered, however, if the Second Knowledge, that of the intellectuals, might not be as carefully tailored to preclude inquiry on their level as the First Knowledge apparently was to preclude inquiry on the level of the Lower Castes. I would guess that there is a Third Knowledge, that reserved to the Priest-Kings."
Tarnsman of Gor   Book 1   Page 41 

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