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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dixie by Sweet Poison

★"Dixie - Milk Maid" Bond Outfit from Sweet Poison (25L - Only Today! Includes Top + Skirt with Alpha Layer and sizes from XXS to L; Bucket; Hair Flower; Belt; Outfit works with Lolas and no set-up required.)

"Many of the tribes permit small agricultural communities to exist within their domains, she said. The individuals in these communities are bound to the soil and owned collectively by the tribes within whose lands they are permitted to live. They grow produce for their masters such as wagmeza and wagmu, maize or corn, and such things as pumpkins and squash. They are also to furnish labor when required and may be drawn upon at the whim of their masters, for individual slaves. When one is taken from the enclosure one ceases to be Waniyanpi and becomes a common slave, an ordinary slave one owned by an individual master."

Savages of Gor 233

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