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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aky by Enigma

★ Tal honorable goreans! If you follow this blog you probably noticed the several posts i made about The Sweet Pea. Well..truth is i have been following the new releases and group gifts from The Sweet Pea since day 1. Cloey Scorfield is an amazing designer and if you are a group member you wont be disappointed with all the great gifts she offers plus The Sweet Pea participates in tons of events like the 25L Tuesday or 30L Saturday. If your into the gorean world this store is a must to see but..there is more. Recently, The Sweet Pea opened a sister company called "Enigma" bringing a darker side to the great colorful textures that made The Sweet Pea so successful. For you out there, that likes to be a bad ass and enjoy more darker clothing, Enigma is the answer for you and expect the quality we are used to see by the hands of Cloey Scorfield and Damon Pinelli. Now check out this new release by Enigma and stay tuned to The Good Gorean!

★ Skin from .DeeTaleZ (1L)
★ Mesh Hair from DeLa (250L)
★ Eyes from VerseEye (Free)
★ "Aki" Mesh Dress from Enigma (275L - Includes Mesh Dress with Belt & Armstraps; Availabe in 4 Colors)
★ Necklace from The Sweet Pea
"I saw the ship descend. For a moment it looked like a falling star, but then it suddenly became clear and substantial, like a broad, thick disc of silver. It was silent and settled on the rock platform, scarcely disturbing the light snow that was scattered on it. There was a slight wind in the pine needles, and I rose to my feet. As I did so, a door in the side of the ship slid quietly upward. I must go in."
 Tarnsman of Gor, page 20-21
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