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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pew's Essay 1 - Gorean Alphabet

General Information

► Salutations : TAL, GREETINGS
"HAIL" - Greeting usually reserved for recognized experts or champions.
“Then I wish you prosperity"
"I wish you well"

►Gorean Applause:  Striking of the right palm on the left shoulder
Goran Applause for Warriors: Clash of Weapons.

►Salute of a Gorean Warrior: Lifting the blade.

►Speaking in Third Person was very common.

►Gorean Writing: Its Difficult to write because of the even numbered lines that must be written backwards. Goreans write from left to right, then the next line is written right to left, alternating down the page.

►Archaic Gorean: Spoke by Initiates only. Greens tend to keep records of archaic gorean.

►Reading: Many goreans cannot read.


Gorean Dictionary

Rarius  → Rask
Mine → Mira
Ki → No
Turn! → Var!
-vella → common ending of feminine names in Gor
La Kajira
Most common expression for a female slave. Another frequently heard expression is Sa-Fora, a compound word, meaning, rather literally, Chain Daughter, or Daughter of the Chain. 



Barbarians Dialect
The Goreans consider anyone "barbarian" that does not speak The Language. In practice, this term is generally used to indicate those slaves brought to Gor from Earth on the Voyages of Acquisition.
Lower Classes Dialect
Nomads Dialect (Wagon People)

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