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Thursday, October 15, 2020


 Today's post is a homage to all the brave and mighty panthers, talunas and huntresses of our virtual world. These role-play characters are often underrated, but they must be celebrated as much as any other fantasy role in Second Life® – they are smart, beautiful and among the best fighters in the community. In Gor, panthers and talunas provide the best role-play scenes I've had over the years and I often find myself exploring and scouting the many stunning regions these tribes call home. As I've mentioned before, my first few years in Gor were spent playing as a newbie, angry panther, and to this day, I cherish the memories of a daily life in a sisterhood. Without many rules nor character guidelines, playing as a panther, taluna or huntress can be one of the best roles for a new player in their introductory journey. Longtime established tribes with experienced elders will provide the basic tools for your character's growth and hours of fun within the community.

But let's talk the elephant in the room. In the Gorean Evolved world, panthers and talunas carry an unreasonable stigma, which in some way, affected the expansion of “local” tribes for years and negatively impacted Gor as a whole, steering this particular community to isolation and reaching out to other forms of role-play. Looked down by other groups, they are undervalued and misjudged with the use of homophobic and cruel language in chat rooms/local chat, but we all know bad apples are everywhere. Although the attitude has improved significantly in recent years, don't let this stigma pull you away from the best ride you can have in Second Life®. Will you find homosexual, transgender or queer players in the panthers' community? Of course you will, matter of fact, you will find them everywhere. Will you find girls actually playing with a female panther avatar and it happens they are better fighters than you? Yes, that too.
If you have a problem with a fellow user in a virtual world/game/community with a different sexual orientation or gender, turn off your computer and walk away if cannot be respectful. Men playing with female avatars and vice versa is quite common – this is what makes Second Life® a beautiful, diverse place to be. Stop the hate.

Visit GE Maps - V 242.0 and scroll down to Panthers/Talunas Camp category to start your adventure.

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Location:  Fairytales

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