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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Monarch

Many of SL™’s users have a special folder with landmarks of their favorite stores – PLASTIX has been a presence inside my own for a very long time. A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure to discover this store after approaching a fellow role-player, who was proudly flaunting a stunning fur stole with a detailed, beautiful gold chain. At that time, this simple accessory became popular as role-players made the point of showing off their character’s beauty and grace.  Furs, stoles and shawls are a fashionable accessory that many of the ancient worlds, Game of Thrones or Gorean role-players do love to wear and complement their outfits with, and no animal is actually killed by doing it so – it’s a win-win.

PLASTIX has a number of stunning fur-textured garments that you will enjoy, and the role-play-inspired gowns are also a strong presence in PLASTIX’s stock. The gown I’m featuring below is a brand new drop-dead-gorgeous release for the We <3 Role-play event of this month, and just by looking at the pictures, anyone can clearly appreciate the details in the corset and laces. Not many gown makers have this admirable skill and that’s why I consider PLASTIX to be one of the best stores around, which I often spend my precious Linden™ dollars in. Above all, the only thing I wish from PLASTIX is to see more role-play attires and accessories being released because I can’t get enough of my Second Life® wearing PLASTIX.

No matter what you are shopping for, PLASTIX has plenty of impressive accessories and gowns, which I strongly suggest to all the role-players out there. In addition, this store offers a line of urban clothing that you don’t want to miss either – life in PLASTIX, is indeed fantastix.

"Magic - Fatpack" Animated Eyes from Elemental (575L for Fatpack or 250L for Single Color Pack - We <3 Role-play Event *November Edition*. Includes L & R Mesh Eyes, Texture HUD with 24 Eye Texture Options, and Opacity, Glow, Speed, and Style Options)

"Orsina" Makeup from Zibska (150L - We <3 Role-play Event *November Edition*. Includes Tattoo Layers for Classic Avatars and Appliers for Catwa, Genus, LAQ, Lelutka, and Omega with 12 Eyeshadow Options)

"Lips Yesterday" Lipstick from StunnerOriginals (Free - Group Gift)

"Evangeline - Deluxe HUD" from DOUX (125L - Level Event. Must Purchase Basic Pack for 325L)

"Monarch - Fatpack" Gown from PLASTIX (2000L for Fatpack or 320L for Single Color Pack - We <3 Role-play Event *November Edition*. Includes Armor, Cloth and Gown for Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Isis and Physique and Texture HUD with 8 Texture Options for Laces and Pearls, and 11 Texture Options for Cloth, Velvet and Armor. Available in 11 Color Options)

"Evelyn Boots - Rose" from Lassitude & Ennui (220L for Single Color Pack or 860L for Fatpack - We <3 Role-play Event *November Edition*. Includes Rigged Ankle Boots for Maitreya. Available in Antique, Black, Black Grey, Brown, Brown Antique, Purple and Rose)

"Orsina" Jewelry Set from Zibska (150L - We <3 Role-play Event *November Edition*. Includes Headpiece, Brow Piece, and Texture HUD with 7 Texture Options for Main and Accent Pieces)

Location: Winter Wonderland

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