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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A Gorean Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones – I hope you enjoy turkey day and most importantly, be thankful for what you have.

Several updates and news surfaced a few days ago regarding the new Premium Plus plan, the return of last names, and additional changes to Marketplace. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or in the Community Forum, which is closely monitored by Linden Lab®. Comments have been pouring in the merchants category and is well worth to take a look and join the discussion.

By end of January of 2020, choosing a different last name for your avatar will be an exclusive feature for premium members. Residents will be able to access a list of names and after selection, the user will be charged an additional fee. Linden Lab® is now focused in generating a list of names with the help of the Second Life® community – users will be able to participate in a contest and make their own suggestions. Linden Lab® will then pick five winners, who will be able to change their last names for free. The contest will run from Monday, Dec. 16, 2019 to Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020, and more information will be posted in the blog as further details are released. In addition, by the end of January of 2020, members will be able to choose between Premium and Premium Plus subscription plans. Premium Plus will offer monthly or annual plans with exclusive benefits for residents. And speaking of premium - if you are currently a premium member or considering upgrading to this plan, stop by at the SL Christmas Expo on Tuesday, Dec. 5, for an exclusive look of the new Linden Homes.

Marketplace sales commission will increase from 5 to 10%, and Marketplace Product Listing Enhancement fees will be reduced by 10%. Linden Lab® has been continuously working in improving the platform with new filters and account features for merchants and shoppers but, more is coming – Marketplace will also receive a “facelift” and users will be able to enjoy a mobile-friendly layout. Merchants will soon have the ability of issuing refunds, and an improved vendor system will deliver a better connection to inworld sales and marketplace transactions.

A new Events Page will also debut in 2020. Basic members will be charged L$50 to add an event to this page, and premium members will be charged L$10 with the additional option of scheduling recurring events.

Belle Epoque Anniversary Hunt

After all the information, fees and the math you probably attempted to do, allow me to ease your mind and put that aside with two fantastic hunts going on right now: Belle Epoque is hosting an Anniversary Hunt and all the items are well worth your time. Although the hunt items are L$15 a piece, it is still one heck of a bargain for what you get – plenty of urban clothing, furs, lingerie, accessories and a beautiful red gown. Look for the frosted cupcakes and purchase them for L$15 each. The Gorean Grid Hunt is also back this year with 10 exclusive free hunt prizes. Hints, locations and prize previews are available at The Gorean Grid Hunt website; Noble Creations’ hunt prize is the beautiful helmet I’m featuring below – the package contains 2 versions and the helmets are both wearable. Get your prizes through Friday, Nov. 29.

"Avril Hair - Blondes" from Tableau Vivant (288L - Collabor88 Event)

"Dunia - Blood" Outfit from Sweet Kajira (169L - We <3 Role-play Event *November Edition*. Includes Skirt, Belt, Top, Belt for Top and Texture HUD with 2 Belt Texture Options. Available in 17 Texture Options)

 "Organic" Arm Bands and Collar Set from AtaMe (Free - Gacha Garden Event)

"Nuage Tourbi'" Necklace and Earrings from Chop Zuey (Free - Fab Free Group Gift)

Brow Piercing from FABIA (Free - Gacha Garden Event)

"Ruined Helmet" from Noble Creations (Free Hunt Gift - Gorean Grid Hunt)

Location: Aradia

Second Life® is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc.

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