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Thursday, May 23, 2019


There has been a whole a lot of talk about the new Second Life website that will function as the main channel of upcoming viewer release notes announcements. The Second Life Wiki page has been around for several years and it served that same purpose until the new The Release Notes website went live last Thursday. The new website is organized, user-friendly and has a great navigation menu.  The wiki page will still be active but will only be used to archive old release notes. Time for another bookmark, folks!

We are still waiting on further updates in regards to the Lumiya case but appears that nobody managed to talk to the app creator. Some say that Linden Labs banned the creator's account while other claim that she left Second Life - none of the claims has been confirmed. Lumiya is definitely gone from Google Play but you can still download this popular Android app via SlideMe.

Before I slip away to update the GE Maps and hop inside the playground, I wanted to show the look of the day - this time, I bring you Potioneer eleganza with a few gifts, a wonderful gown from Infinity and a cute furry companion created by my dear Jian.

"My Hair Kimmy - Blondes" from Monso (245L - Soiree Event. Includes Rigged Mesh Hair in 4 Sizes, Unrigged Mesh Version and Texture HUD with 24 Hair Texture Options)

"Secil - White" Gown from Infinity (150L - We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown. Available in Baby Blue, Baby Green, Black, Blue, Brown, Coral, Green, Purple, Red, Violet, White and Yellow)

"Potion" Pouch from Cubic Cherry (187L - We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes Mesh Pouch, Dark and Pink Potions and Texture HUD with 12 Texture Options for Rope and 12 Texture Options for Potions)

"Infinity" Necklace from Infinity (Anniversary Gift - Available at We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes Necklace with Resize Scripts)

"Luan" Stud Earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai (Anniversary Gift - Available at We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes L & R Stud Earrings in Gold and Silver)

"Tiger Cub Collection" from Jian (500L - Belle Event. Includes Worn Companion, Rezzed Wanderer, and 5 Static Mesh Cubs with Floating Name, Resize and Texture Options. Available in Lion Cub and Tiger Cub Collections. Original Ad HERE)

"Soha" Poses from BellePoses (Free - Pose Fair Event)

Location: Hors du Temps

"A potion is a magical type of liquified medicine or drug. In mythology and literature, a potion is usually made by a magician, dragon, fairy or witch and has magical properties. It is used for various motives including the healing, bewitching or poisoning of people. For example, love potions for those who wish to fall in love (or become deeply infatuated) with another; sleeping potions to cause long-term or eternal sleep (in folklore, this can range from the normal REM sleep to a deathlike coma); and elixirs to heal/cure any wound/malady. Creations of potions of different kinds were a common practice of alchemy, and were commonly associated with witchcraft and the occult, as in The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. During the 19th century, it was common in certain countries to see wandering charlatans offering curative potions. These were eventually dismissed as quackery.
In modern fantasy, potions are often portrayed as spells in liquid form, capable of causing a variety of effects, including healing, amnesia, infatuation, transformation, invisibility, and invulnerability."

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