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Monday, January 21, 2019

The Return Of The Pani

 It’s always exciting to see a character role-play group coming back to the GE Maps. The Pani People are now back in the listing and I’ve not added just one, but two locations! I hope this time, both groups stick around for years to come but it appears that the gorean community struggles to grasp the Pani’s culture. After all these years of updating the GE Maps, Pani People seems to be the most unstable role-play category.

Regardless of how rare to see someone playing a Pani, this type of character is quite unique in its own way. Guidelines and references to the Pani are very limited but offers freedom to the player’s imagination and potential to develop unique story-lines that you won’t be able while playing a free woman or man of the city, panther, or outlaw.

If you decide to play as a Pani of Gor, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

The Pani are part of a very strict culture and their ways and beliefs are different than what you would find in Southern or Northern Gor.

The Pani have little tolerance for cowardice, weakness, or disrespect.

The Daimyo are the provincial rulers of the Pani. Their duty is to govern the Pani People areas and provide justice.

Pani People has Dojo Instructors (Sensei). A Sensei should be a person you can take inspiration from, whom you respect but feel comfortable enough turning to in a time of need. A Sensei should lead their students to discover their strengths and weaknesses so they may grow and florist in the Martial Arts and life.

Pani has 3 classes of warriors: Higher More Respected Swordsman (Samurai Warrior), The Swordsman (Katanas), and Ronin. A Ronin does recognize Masters or Sensei. The Pani army are the Ashigaru. 

Larls and Larl Tamers are very important in the Pani culture. 

A Chujo is the Pani lieutenant general.

The  Daishoyas are the Pani scribes.

The Pani free women, except for the companions of high officers, have a much lower status than the typical Gorean free woman.

A Contract Woman is not completely free, slaves should treat them as free women. A Contract Woman is much like a Geisha. They live and breathe art from playing music, dancing, walking, singing, bathing, and preparing tea. They will also have pleasant conversation skills.

    Pani people do not recognize the caste system of continental Gor.

Pani People speak Pani and Gorean.

Rice is a staple in the Pani culture.

If you need more detailed information on how to play a Pani visit the old City of Edo website.

Gorean Pani Sims

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Koxinga - GE and BtB Role-play Sim

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Location: Suigetsu Ageya

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