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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Bona Dea

I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had the opportunity to spend some time with your loved ones but now that the pumpkin spice season is behind us, we are ready to finally embrace winter and Christmas. Time to get those trees up and going!

The holiday season bring us great deals and events for your avatar and for your home and some of the Black Friday discounts are still currently available. Visit Redeux by Tuesday, Nov. 27, for great role-play gifts and discounts to up to 75% off regular prices. You can find beautiful gowns and so much more! Also Empyrean Forge, Ersch, Jian, Salt & Pepper, The Annex, Wiccas Wardrobe, and Roawenwood are offering major discounts over the weekend. If feel the need to do some hair shopping, head out to Entwined, Fabia, Sintiklia, and Runaway. Most of these stores have discounts from 30% to 50% off. Run, don’t walk. These deals will end either tomorrow, Monday or on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Whimsical event is back however this round ended up not being too role-play friendly. White exploring the event, I was able to spot a beautiful gown at the “A Breakfast Convo” booth, a couple of great accessories, and gorgeous sets of hair. For these finds, you should definitely visit the event. If you are in search of more role-play merchandise, Enchantment and Fantasy Gacha Carnival are offering a wide selection on fantasy gear. We are entering the last days of the November round of the We <3 Roleplay
event. Did you got everything you wanted? If not, here’s your last chance!

"Renata" Skin from Bold & Beauty (Free - Group Gift)

"Cindy - Fatpack" Hair from Runaway (300L. Includes Mesh Hair, Fringe, Alpha Layer, Omega Hairbase HUD and Blondes, Bonus Colors, Browns, Colorful, Grayscale, Ombres & Roots and Reds Color Packs)

 "Varhendis - Fatpack" Gown from Senzafine (244L for Single Color Pack or 1024L for Fatpack - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown for Maitreya, Hourglass, Freya, Isis, and Texture HUD with 4 Texture Options)

"Emperor Mantle - Night Blue" Cloak from 00-W-Zero (240L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Cloak in 2 Sizes and with Locked and Unlocked Arms Options. Available in Black, Night Blue, Red and Violet)

"Australis Halo" from Inner Demons (175L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Halo and Texture HUD with 4 Metal Texture Options for 3 Halo Parts)

"Crystal Stars - Pure" Particles from Runic (199L for Single Color Pack or 749L for Fatpack - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Particle Set with Animated and Static Versions. Available in Blush, Gold, Magic, Midnight, Pure, Sky, Sun, and Sunset)

Pose Pack from SAPA (1L)

Location: Hollyee

"The Bona Dea is a very ancient and holy Roman Goddess of women and healing, Who was worshipped exclusively by women. Her true name is sometimes said to be Fauna, which means "She Who Wishes Well." Fauna was considered Her secret name, not to be spoken—especially by men—so She is usually referred to by the name the women called Her: Bona Dea, or the "Good Goddess". Bona, in Latin, has overtones of worthiness, nobility, honesty, bravery, health, and rightness, as well as connections to wealth (a "bonus", even now, means an extra gift, of money or other good things). The Bona Dea is an Earth Goddess who protects women through all their changes, and is believed to watch over virgins and matrons especially. She is skilled in healing and herb-lore, and snakes and wine are sacred to Her. She blessed women and the earth with fertility, while at the same time, in a seeming paradox, She was considered by the Romans to be a pure virgin, chaste and inviolate."

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