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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Good Gorean - 7 Years Of Blogging and Flogging

A very Happy Birthday to you and me. On Friday, Oct. 12, The Good Gorean reached a new milestone and this year we celebrate the 7th anniversary of this blog. I always take this opportunity to thanks creators, blog guests, and sponsors that keep this blog going. I couldn’t do it without any of you, and if you ask me if it’s still fun to blog after 7 years, my answer is “yes, absolutely!” I always try to come up with different ideas and topics to blog about and currently have a couple of projects I would like to see coming live in the blog and at the blog’s hub. For this to happen, I will need your help: 

1. Role-play Sims Wanted - If you have a role-play sim that would like to be featured in The Good Gorean, please contact PewPew Zero inworld. I would like to be part of your sim for 2 or 3 weeks in order to write a proper review and take a few pictures. During my time there, I would love to engage role-play. I am looking for gorean, medieval, or any ancient civilizations themed sims. These reviews will be added under a category on a side bar for easy access to blog visitors. 

2. A Poll – What type of social media you would like to see The Good Gorean be part of? Vote in the poll and help me decide! 

3. A facelift - It’s time for the The Good Gorean wash her face and get a new look. I will be updating the blog’s theme in the next few weeks. 

4. Ad Boards in The Good Gorean Hub I will be adding a few ad boards at The Good Gorean HUB @ Sacred Sardar. These boards can be rented by sim owners to help promote their role-play regions. Once they are setup I will announce here and inworld throughout the proper groups.

The Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) is coming along. A few weeks ago, I blogged about this Linden’s project a few days ago HERE and it seems progress is being made. If you visit the testing region anytime soon, you will notice a big ol’ pumpkin moon taking over the sky. It is pretty darn cool. Be part of the conversation and give your feedback in the SL Forum at 

Enough of chatter and let me give you pictures. For this post, I’ve travelled in time to my first days in gor as a panther. Small pieces of cloth barely covering my parts were the trend back then and it continues to be “the thing” to wear these days. Panthers and talunas, check this out!

"Theory - The Blondie" from Little Bones (300L - Uber Event)

"Imbued Eyes - Blue" from Anatomy (69L - We <3 Roleplay Event *October Edition*. Includes Mesh L & R Eyes and Omega Appliers. Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and Teal)

Eyeliner from Beyou (Free - Group Gift)

"Felina - Fatpack" Outfit from Moon Elixir (975L for Fatpack or 263L for Single Color Pack - We <3 Roleplay Event *October Edition*. Includes Bra, Panties, Thigh Garters, Arms and Legs Pieces and Texture HUD with 8 Cloth Texture Options. Available in 8 Color Options)

 "Ophelia" Hand Jewelry from VoluptasVirtualis (Coming Soon - The Seasons Story Event. Includes L & R Mesh Hand Jewelry for Maitreya and SLink Dynamic and Texture HUD with 12 Metal Texture Options and 21 Texture Options for Gems. Original Ad HERE)

"Maang Tikka and Bindi" Jewelry from VoluptasVirtualis (Coming Soon - The Seasons Story Event. Includes Maag Tikka in 2 Shapes, Bindi, and Texture HUD with 12 Metal Texture Options and Resize Options. Original Ad HERE)

"Fairy Butterfly - Fatpack" from Runic (625L for Fatpack or 199L for Single Color Pack - We <3 Roleplay Event *October Edition*. Includes Decorative Butterfly Sets in Blush, Magic, Midnight, Pure, Sky, and Sunset. Each Butterfly Set Includes 3 Butterfly Versions in Static and Sparkle/Hovering Versions. Available in Single Color Packs)

"Kawaii Pose Set" *Picture 1* from LB A&R Haven Place (Free Gift)

"Robin Hood Pose" *Picture 2* from F*cking Ninjas (50L) 

Location: Love Story 

"The Laurius River is a long river that winds across northern Gor, bordering the northern forests. It slowly flows west though near its end it tends to incline some to the southwest, emptying into Thassa at the port city of Lydius. The Laurius has a number of small tributaries that extend into the forests. Ships from Lydius may travel the length of the Laurius to visit sections of the northern forests. The Laurius can also be crossed at a number of different points through the use of barges. These barges take people to the edge of the northern forests or to settlements on the north bank of the Laurius. They usually charge a free person one silver tarsk to cross and an additional copper for each animal or slave. Past the city of Laura, the Laurius River becomes rougher and less navigable, especially near the end the summer season."

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