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Monday, July 23, 2018


It’s been quite some time that I had a moment to sit down and actually type out something for The Good Gorean. Work and real life has keeping me busy and I tend to focus my “play time” on snapping pictures of all the gorgeous merchandise my sponsors can come up with. Regardless of how busy I am, I can assure you that my blog is here to stay for many years ahead.

I was surprised to see that July turned out to be fairly busy month. Second Life is ending its 15th anniversary celebrations tomorrow so you are still in time to check out the community events for the Crystal Anniversary of our favorite game. There are plenty of gifts for you too! Another unexpected gift that came with this special anniversary was the cuts on land fees. As you probably heard by now, the maintenance fees on private estates are dropping by up to 15%. This will also affect renters across the grid. These are exciting news however, this only means that Second Life's economy is not at its best. Second Life has been replaced by snapchat, Netflix, and social media, however, it still has a solid number of 600,000 active users. The younger generation of geeks is standing by their technology use but not on a cube’s point of view.

Brace yourself! July brought us FaMESHed, The Liaison Collaborative, The Seasons Story of Summer, Collabor88, FaMESHed Go!, and Shiny Shabby. Check these out for the best what Second Life has to offer.  For the role-play lovers, don’t forget that We <3 Role-Play, The Fantasy Collective, and The Epiphany are still on the go. If you enjoy role-playing as a mermaid or merman, visit the Mermaid Cove event. You will find not only role-play merchandise but also urban themed clothing with mythical flair.

Unfortunately, We <3 Role-Play won’t have a round for the month of August but The Secret Affair has a promising upcoming event for next month. Panic at the Zoo will be the theme for this new round, starting August 5th.

 "Aimy - Essentials" Hair from Phoenix (450L)

"Kimi Lingerie - Nude" Hip Harness and Panties from Enfant Terrible (399L - Notice Me, Senpai Event. Includes Mesh Bra, Hip Harness and Panties for Maitreya, Freya, and Hourglass. Available in Creme, White, Pink, Purple, Kanari, Mint, Black, Red and Nude. Original Ad HERE)

"Astrid - Tan" Negligee from The Annex (125L - We Love Roleplay Event *July Edition*. Includes Mesh Negligee and Panties for Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya. Available in Black, Brown, Cream, Green, and Tan)

"A courtesan (a.k.a prostitute) in ancient Greece, one of Phryne’s lovers happened to be the sculptur Praxiteles who asked her to model for his statue Aphrodite of Knidos.  He also made two other statues of her which stood at the temples of Thespiae and Delphi, one of them in gilded bronze.  The most famous episode her life is her trial.  The charge has long been forgotten but not the fact that she supposedly exposed her breasts in court to incite pity."

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