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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Feral Woman of the Jungles

"Julie - Naturals" from DOUX (350L)

"Lynx - Brown Snake" Bra, panties, Spear and Shield from The Forge (75L Per Play - Lootbox Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Top, Bra, or Shield in Giraffe Skin, Zebra Skin, Leatherette, Brown Leather, Brown Snake, Black Snake, Pink Zebra, White Skin or Elephant Skin. Rares: Bra and Panties in Black Leather or Cosmetic Spear. Original Ad HERE)

"Boadicea's Sandals - Brown" from The Forge (50L Per Play - Lootbox Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Mesh Sandals for Maitreya in Brown, Black, Pink, Mint, Blue, White, Navy, Red or Teal. Rare: Mesh Sandals and Texture HUD with 10 Texture Options and 3 Metal Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

"Tribal Necklace - Brown" from The Forge (150L. Includes Mesh Necklace with Copy and Mod Permissions. Available in Silver, Gold, Black and Brown. Original Ad HERE)

"Precious Ponies - 11" from Jian (75L Per Play - Mainstore Gacha Machine. Commons: Rideable Ponies, Companion Ponies or Wanderer Ponies in 5 Colors. Rares: Mini Stall Decor, Painted Pony or Bous n' Brushies Pony. Original Ad HERE)

Location: Devins Eye

"Talunas, are sisters-in-kind of the panther girls. However, these bands of white women live in the rainforests of Schendi, and are as extremely fierce as their northern counterparts. Tarl Cabot helped free a tribe of pygmie males that had fallen captive to these women and enslaved in Explorers of Gor. Tarl notes in many of quotes, that the talunas are fierce as they are because they are frustrated, starved for the touch of a man." - Moon Productions

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