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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Flanders' Undercroft

"Bloom - Multitone 1" Hair from Truth (350L - Uber Event)

Lipstick from LUXREBEL (Free - Group Gift)

"Adara - Blue" from Una (199L - We Love Roleplay Event *June Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown in 4 Versions With or Without Cloak. Available in 6 Color Options)

"Orla Headband - Dark" from ERSCH (200L - We Love Roleplay Event *June Edition*. Includes Mesh Headband with Resize Scripts and Texture HUD with 8 Headband Texture Options, and 9 Pearls Texture Options in 2 Variants. Available in Dark, Medium and Light) 

"Chain Mask - Gold" from The Annex (125L - We Love Roleplay Event *June Edition*. Includes Mesh Face Chains and Texture HUD with 5 Pearl Texture Options. Available in Gold and Silver) 

"Celtic Collar - gold" from Bliensen + MaiTai (233L - We Love Roleplay Event *June Edition*. Includes Mesh Collar in Black, Bronze, Gold, Silver and Open Collar Scripted. Copy & Mod Permissions) 

Poses from Faded (Free Group Gift)

Location: Strawberry Lake

"The House of Flanders - also called the Baldwins (Lat. Balduini, Fr. Baudouinides) - was founded by Baldwin I Iron Arm, husband of Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald.
From 1051, the House of Flanders also reigned over the County of Hainaut, with Baldwin I of Hainaut. In 1119, on the death of Baldwin VII, the House of Flanders ceased to rule in Flanders. But in 1191, the House of Flanders recovered the title of Count of Flanders with Baldwin VIII (Baldwin V of Hainaut). The dynasty established the Latin Empire of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade. It also ruled briefly the County of Namur (1188-1212). The House of Flanders became extinct in 1280 with the death of Margaret II.
A cadet branch, the House of Boulogne, ruled over the County of Boulogne. Members of this house joined the First Crusade, established the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and produced its first kings."

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