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Friday, May 18, 2018

Conrad's Queen

"Ultimate Eyes" from GA.EG (Free Gift - eBento Event)

"Verity Eyeshadow" from Arte (Free Gift - eBento Event)

"Fabulous Eyelashes" Pack from POUT! (Free - Group Gift)

"Sky 226" Hair from Rezology (250L - New Release. Includes Includes Mesh Hair, Alpha Layer, Hairbase, Lusterlight, Shape Template, Texture HUD with 6 Hair Texture Options +  Rainbow Button That Allows you to Change Hair Color to Any Value of The Color Spectrum)

"Minette Red" from Faida & Velvet Whip (300L - We Love Roleplay Event *May Edition*. Includes Scripted and Unscripted Gown Versions. Scripted Gown contains 4 Different Ripped Dress Versions, Ban/Unban Dress and Customizable Emotes Options. Available in 4 Color Options)

"Butterflies Headpiece" from Wasabi (Free - FaMESHed Event)

"Precious Necklace" from RealEvil Industries (Free - FaMESHed Event)

Location: Eri Ador

"The Kassars, also known as the "Blood People," are led by Conrad, their Ubar. Their standard is a scarlet bola hanging from a lance. They also commonly carry red lacquered shields. Their brands symbolically represent their standard with three circles joined at the center by lines. Like all of the Peoples, they use the same brand for their slaves and bosk. The slave brand though is only about an inch high while a bosk brand forms a six-inch square. Bosk and slaves may be rebranded if a different tribes takes possession, though this seems more common with bosk than slaves. A slave that has been rebranded may diminish in value."

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