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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Margin of Desolation

"Raira - Blondes 2" Mesh Hair from TUKINOWAGUMA (210L - We Love Roleplay Event *March Edition*. Includes Mesh Hair, Texture HUD with 15 Hair Texture Options, and Stylish HUD with 3 Style Options. Available in Blondes 1, Blondes 2, Browns 1, Browns 2, Colors 1, Colors 2, Naturals 1, Naturals 2, Red Blacks 1 and Red Blacks 2)

Eyelashes from LePunk (Free - Group Gift)

 "Lady Aria Gown - Blue" from Una (200L - We Love Roleplay Event *March Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown for Maitreya in Regular and Modesty Versions. Available in 6 Color Options)

"Lady Aria - Veil" from Una (100L - We Love Roleplay Event *March Edition*. Includes Mesh Veil in 2 Versions and in Opaque and Regular Versions, and Texture HUD with 13 Texture Options)

"Faenia Top" from PoshTale (99L)

 "Floral Lace Cape - White" from Caverna Obscura (299L)

"Promise Ring - Gold" from AsteroidBox (Free - Group Gift)

Poses from Reina Photography (Free - Group Gift)

"An area north of Ar that was made into a wilderness thousands of pasangs deep. Wells were poisoned, and fields burned and salted to prevent the approach of armies from the north. It was allowed to re-vegetate and re-populate. Some believe the reason is to bring more arable land under cultivation; others say that the eyes of Ar turned north toward the powerful Salerian Confederation"

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