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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Legatus Legionis

"Bunny" Hair from Rezology (250L - New Release. Includes Includes Mesh Hair, Alpha Layer, Hairbase, Lusterlight, Shape Template, Texture HUD with 6 Hair Texture Options +  Rainbow Button That Allows you to Change Hair Color to Any Value of The Color Spectrum) 

"Goddess Artemis" from Noble Creations (399L - We Love Roleplay Event *March Edition*. Includes Fitted Mesh L & R Bracers and Bodysuit for Maitreya, SLInk, Nana and Venus Mesh Bodies. Available in Several Color Options)

"Elunur Crown - Gold" from Bliensen + MaiTai (199L - We Love Roleplay Event *March Edition*. Includes Mesh Crown in Gold and Silver in Male and Female Versions)

"Aquilas Sandals - Fatpack" from The Forge (Available at FaMeshed Event. Includes Mesh Sandals for Maitreya Mesh Body and Texture HUD with 3 Metal Texture Options and 5 Leather Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

"Savage Cleaver" from EZ Weaponry (300L - Remnant. Dark Days Event. Includes Non Scripted Version with Shoulder Stance with Resize Options. Original Ad HERE)

"The Nubia Series" Pose Pack from An Lar Poses (100L - We Love Roleplay Event *March Edition*. Includes 5 Static Poses + 5 Mirror Poses)

Location: La Vie

"Legatus legionis, Legion Legate: The overall legion commander. The post was usually filled by a senator, appointed by the emperor, who held command for 3 or 4 years, although he could serve for a much longer period. In a Roman province with only one legion, the legatus was also the provincial governor. In such circumstances, the Legatus was dual-hatted as both Legion Legate and Imperial Legate. The Legion Legate also served as commander of the auxiliary units attached to the legion though they were not formally a part of the legion's command structure."

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