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Sunday, February 25, 2018


"Halona - Multitone 1" Hair from Truth (200L - Vday Sale)

"Valentine's" Lipgloss from Izzie's (Free Gift)

"Sweet Love" Nail Polish from LIVIA (Free - Group Gift)

"Titania - Cream" Gown from Junbug (495L - Uber Event *January Edition*)

"Fox Fur Collar" from Plastix (200L. Includes Fur Collar in 5 Sizes and Texture HUD with 2 Fur Texture Options, 5 Chain Texture Options with On/Off Options)

"Love Earrings" from ASO! (Free - Group Gift)

Location: Countryside 

"Isabella of Portugal was Infanta of Portugal by birth. After her marriage with Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, she went on to become as a Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Germany, Italy, Spain, Naples and Sicily, and Duchess of Burgundy. She was noted for her intelligence and beauty. The beauty is known to have served as regent of Spain for a long period of time during the absence of her spouse. Her sixth pregnancy resulted in a still birth and she died as a result. During this time, her husband was away and when he heard the news of the beautiful empress’ death, he was saddened and shocked. The emperor never married again and became a Catholic saint."

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