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Monday, February 12, 2018


"Vana - The Dark" from Little Bones (325L. Includes Mesh Hair in 3 Sizes + Fitted Mesh, Texture HUD with 9 Texture Options and Styling Options)

 "Satrina" Eyes and Snakes Aisling (Available at Mainstore Gacha Machine. Commons: Belt, Panties, Skirt, Anklets, Bra, Scarf, Armlets, Bracers, all with Texture HUD. Snake Eyes in Packs of 3 Colors and 4 Sclera tones. Rares: Veil & Horns with Texture HUD, Snakes with Texture HUD or Demon Eyes with 9 Color Options and 4 Sclera Tones. Original Ad HERE)

"Shika - Fatpack White" Tattoo from Stardust (450L for Fatpack or 150L for Single Packs - We Love Roleplay Event *February Edition*. Includes Tattoo Appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, SLink, Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega in Blush and Without Blush Versions. Tattoo Appliers Include 3 Shade Options)

"Aida - White" Outfit from Belle Epoque (249L - We Love Roleplay Event *February Edition*. Includes Mesh Bento Bone Tail, Skirt and Top. Available in White, Beige, Black, Blue, Green, and Pink)

"Faze Horns" from Cubic Cherry (188L - We Love Roleplay Event *February Edition*. Includes Regular and Cellshading Mesh Horns and Texture HUD with 8 Texture Options)

"Ball Python Companion" *Picture 1 Ground Snakes* from Jian (500L - FaMeshed Event. Includes Terrarium with Table, Empty Terrarium with Table, Terrarium with Snake, Empty Terrarium, Balled Snake Sleep Static, Balled Snake Animated, Free Wanderer Snake, Worn Companion Snake. 1-8 L.I. Copy & Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

"Mila Poses" from M.I.L.A. (1L -  Gift. Includes 4 Static Poses)

Location: Luanes

"In Greek mythology, Echidna was a monster, half-woman and half-snake, who lived alone in a cave. She was the mate of the fearsome monster Typhon, and known primarily for being the mother of monsters, including many of the most famous monsters of Greek myth. "

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