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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The K Loft


Impassioned Vanity from .Peaches. (Available for Deco(c)rate Event. Includes Stool, Vanity and Rose Vase. Stool Includes 16 Single Animations, 15 Cuddles Animations and 20 Adult Animations. Original Ad HERE)

 "Stand By You Papasan Chair" from .Peaches. (New Release. Includes Chair with Texture HUD with 2 Wood Texture Options and 6 Texture Options for Cushion, Blanket and Pillow. Available in Adult and PG Versions. Original Ad HERE)

"Panther Chameleon Habitat" from Jian (288L - Collabor88 Event. Includes Habitat with Chameleon, Solo & Stick Chameleons, and Held Chameleon with AO. Includes Renaming, Re-sizing and On/Off Animations Options. 9 - 12 L.I. Copy & Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

"Forest Cats" from Jian (500L - FaMeshed Event. Includes Worn Animated Companion, Rezzed Animated Wanderer and Static Frame Changers Cats. Options Include 3 Coat Texture Options, Renaming, Resizing and On/Off Animations Options. 1-11 L.I. Copy Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

"Rug Merchant Rug - 03" from Paper Moon (250L. Includes 8 Rug Versions in Fresh and Faded. Available in 6 Color Options. 1L.I. Copy & Mod)

*On Her*

"Shimmer Highlight" Makeup from Mug (Free - Group Gift)

 "Cinnamon" Hair from Navy & Copper (Free - Group Gift)

 Pants and Blazer from Clef de Peau (Free - Group Gift)

Bra Applier for Maitreya from Rouge Noir (199L. Includes Bra and Panties Appliers for Belleza, Maitreya and Omega)

Shoes from Hucci (Free - Subscriber Gift)

"Luxury Earrings - Gold" from PerveTTe (*Not available*)

 "Heart Key Pendant - Gold" from Maxi Gossamer (99L. Includes Mesh Pendant in Short, Medium and Long Versions)

Poses and Wearable Makeup from Kokoro (100L. Includes Pose and Wearable Makeup and Brush)

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