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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


"Archie" Hair from DUE (75L Per Play - Gacha Garden Event, Gacha Machine)

"Rana - Fatpack" Bra, Panties and Belly Jewel from VoluptasVirtualis (650L for Fatpack or 250L for Single Color Pack - ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Belly Jewel, Bra and Panties for Maitreya, Belleza and SLink Hourglass and Texture HUD with 9 Chains Texture Option, 22 Filigree Texture Options and 20 Diamonds Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

"Feli Bracelets - Gold" from JAS (110L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh L & R Bracelets with Resize Options. Available in Gold, Silver, Mix A and Mix B)

"Sensual Sweethearts Bath" from .Peaches. (Available for Deco(c)rate Event. Includes Mesh Bath with Faucet, Candles, Empty Bath Tray, Faucet, Full Tray, Bath Tub with Water, Poses and Faucet, and Bath Tub with Water, Poses with No Faucet. Includes Single, Couples and Adult Animations. Copy & Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

"Decorative Vases" from LORE (113L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes 2 Sets of Mesh Vases with 8 Texture Options)

"Amelie Cottage" from Trompe Loeil (88L - Collabor88 Event. Includes Mesh Cottage With and Without Patio. 122 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Mandana (Mandane) was a Median princess, daughter of the mighty King Astyages and later, the Queen consort of Cambyses of Anshan and mother of Cyrus the Great, (ruler of Persia’s Achaemenid Dynasty and the writer of the first declaration of human rights, named: Cyrus Cylinder). Queen Mandana is a central character in legends describing Cyrus the great’s early years. According to ancient greek historian Herodotus, after the birth of Cyrus, King Astyages had a strange dream that his Magi (Court Magician) interpreted as a sign that his grandson would eventually overthrow him. He then ordered his steward Harpagus to get rid of the boy. Harpagus, morally unable to do so hid the child with a shepherd named Mitridates. Cyrus grew up without knowing that he came from a Royal Bloodline. According to this legend, Cyrus would eventually defy his grandfather, King Astyages, leading to a great war between them; as the dream had forecast. There are references to Mandana’s death as 559 B.C.E. in the history books. King Darius the Great named his daughter Mandana after her."

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