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Thursday, June 22, 2017


"Tasha" Eyeshadow Pack from Slack Girl (180L) 

Lipstick Pack from Amara Beauty (Free Gift - Cosmetic Fair Event)

"Estine - The Blondie" from Little Bones (288L - Collabor88 Event)

"Salome Mait - Champagne" Gown from Enfant Terrible (399L - Tres Chic Event. Includes Mesh Fitted Gown for Maitreya. Available in Black, Black-Brown, Blue, Champagne, Green, Rose and Dust. Original Ad HERE)

"Danny Necklace" from Noir (180L - We <3 Roleplay Event *June Edition*. Includes Mesh Necklace and Texture HUD with 5 Necklace Texture Options and Resize Options)

Sheep, Part of "Sheep Collection" from Jian (450L - Fameshed Event. Includes Rezzed Wandering Sheep, Worn Companion Sheep and 6 Static Decorative Sheep with Coat Texture Options. 9 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

Location: NonStop

"Macha Mong Ruad ("red mane"), daughter of Áed Rúad, was, according to medieval legend and historical tradition, the only queen in the List of High Kings of Ireland. Her father rotated the kingship with his cousins Díthorba and Cimbáeth, seven years at a time. Áed died after his third stint as king, and when his turn came round again, Macha claimed the kingship. Díthorba and Cimbáeth refused to allow a woman to take the throne, and a battle ensued. Macha won, and Díthorba was killed."

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