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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Queen Nefertari

""Sirena 2" Makeup from Nanika (150L. Includes Makeup Set with Appliers for Catwa and Omega Systems. Also Includes Eyebrows and No Eyebrow Options. Available in 3 Color Options)

"Iset - Gold" Egyptian Silks from deviousMind (450L. Includes Mesh Wings, Silk Top, Silk Wrap and Armbands for Maitreya and Physique Mesh Bodies. Includes Mesh L & R Pasties. Available in 4 Color Options)

 "Cleo" Hair and Crown from deviousMind (275L - We <3 Roleplay Event *April Edition*. Includes Mesh Scarab with Headdress and Braids in 5 Versions and Sizes. Available in 6 Color Options)

Snake part of  "Eve - Epidote" Outfit from deviousMind (Includes Mesh L & R Mesh Bracelet, Rigged and Unrigged Mesh Decor, L & R Apple Pasties With Leaves, Hanging Snake, Modesty Cover Part, Single Apple Pasties, Two Apples Pasties, Snake for Right Arm, Reverse Shoulder Wrap Snake, Shoulder Wrap Snake, Shoulder Wrap Snake with Apple, Waist Snake, 2 Makeup Tattoo Layers, 3 SLink Appliers and 2 Belleza Venus Appliers. Available in Several Colors)

Location: Djeser Djeseru

"Queen Nefertari was the Great Royal Wife of Ramses II. Because she was highly educated, she played a great part in diplomacy during Ramses' reign. Her importance to the pharaoh cannot be underestimated. He built her a luxurious tomb in the Valley of the Queens, and there is evidence of the romantic relationship between the two in the many ways Ramses himself addressed her (e.g. "The one for whom the sun shines"). Ramses II honored his queen by building a temple dedicated to her and goddess Hathor at Abu Simbel, where Nefertari is portrayed in statues of the same height as the pharaoh (an unusual practice in ancient Egypt)."

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