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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Semiramis Of Babylon

Hair from Like Design (Free - Women Stuff Hunt)

"Luna - Pearl" Gown from Sweet Kajira (75L - Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event, Gacha Machine)

"Luna - Pearl" Sleeves from Sweet Kajira (75L - Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event, Gacha Machine)

"Japel - Gold" Breast and Belt Piece from Aisling (Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event, Gacha Machine. Commons:Upper Arm Pieces, Breast Pieces and Belt in Black, Gold or Silver with Gem Texture Change. Rares: Shoulder Piece and Headdress with Texture HUD with 3 Metal Texture Options and 10 Gem Options. Original Ad HERE)

"Peacock - Companion" from Jian (288L - Collabor88 Event. Includes Companion Peacock, Wandering Peacock with customizable radius, Static Posed Peacocks with Fanned and Train Tales. All peacock include Blue and Albino Texture. Original Ad HERE)

"Lady Of Mertyns (The Lady Series)" Pose Pack from Imaginarium Poses (Free. Includes 2 Static Poses with Breathing Animation *Priority 2*. Original Ad HERE)

Location: Lost Dream

"Sammu-Ramat, more famously known as Semiramis, was the queen regent of the Assyrian Empire (reigned 811-806 BCE) who held the throne for her young son Adad Nirari III until he reached maturity. She is also known as Shammuramat or Sammuramat. She was the wife of Shamshi-Adad V (reigned 823-811 BCE) and, when he died, she assumed rule until Adad Nirari III came of age, at which time she passed the throne to him. According to historian Gwendolyn Leick, “This woman achieved remarkable fame and power in her lifetime and beyond. According to contemporary records, she had considerable influence at the Assyrian court”. This would explain how she was able to maintain the throne after her husband’s death. Women were not admitted to positions of authority in the Assyrian Empire, and to have a woman ruler would have been unthinkable unless that particular woman had enough power to take and hold it."
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