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Monday, February 15, 2016

The Last Targaryen

Hair from Little Bones (325L)

 "Drago Ryder Armour - Bronze" Chestpiece, Bottoms, Bracers, Upper Guards Pieces, Pauldrons and Headdpiece from The Forge (Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Bottoms, Bracers, Upper Guards and Pauldrons in Gold, Bronze or Black. Rares: Headpiece in Gold, Bronze or Black. Ultra Rare: Chestpiece in Gold, Bronze or Black. Original Ad HERE)

"Celestine Boots - Plain Fatpack" from Wicca's Wardrobe (450L - We <3 Role Play Event *February Edition*. Includes Mesh L & R Boots in 5 Sizes, Alpha Layer, Foot Shaper and Texture HUD with 2 Metal Texture Options and 5 5 Boot Texture Options. Available in Plain and Tartan)

"Alicorn" Necklace from Aisling (250L - Enchantment Event. Includes Mesh Necklace + Short Version and Texture HUD with 4 Metal Texture Options and 12 Gem Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

"The Fuckernator" from EZ Weaponry (450L - We <3 Role Play Event *February Edition*. Includes Mesh Bat Sheath, Bat Shoulder Rest, Bat Novo 2.03, Unarmed Fist Fighter, Novo2 HUD and Trigger Gestures. 40% and 35% Damage Versions Included. GM Scripted. Original Ad HERE)

"Avigons" Snowflake Flying Dragon from Jian (50L Per Play - Gacha Machine. Commons: Demon Striker, Ember, Emerald, Golden, Ice Stalker, Mejoberry, Midnight, Noire, Snowflake, Surfer, Toffee and Twilight. Rares: Perched Avigon and Arm-Perched Avigon with Several Texture Options, On/Off Animations, On/Off Sound and Resizer Scripts. Original Ad HERE)

Location: Hestium I

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