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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

After Oracle

Hair from Elikatira (285L)

"Ragnarok Tattoo" from Things (Coming Soon - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Faded and Fresh Tattoo Versions in Classic Avatar Tattoo Layers, Omega Applier, TOMP Applier and Belleza Applier)

"Aphrodite - Gold" Belt, Bracelets, Bra, Hand Pieces, Headdress, Chestpiece and Panties from Aisling (Coming Soon - The Secret Affair Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Bra, Belt & Panties and Bracelets & Hand Pieces in Gold, Copper or Silver and Texture HUD with 26 Texture Options for Beads. Rares: Chestpiece or Headdress and Texture HUD with 3 Metal and 26 Beads Color Texture Options. Includes Resize Menu. Original Ad HERE)

 "Roman Sandals Female - Beige" from DRD (Coming Soon - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Sandals in 2 Sizes for SLink Feet. Available in Beige, Brown or Black in Female or Male)

Location: Leka
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