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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Haunted Picnic

I been wanting to do this post forever now and yesterday finally got the chance to sit down and enjoy playing with some decor. Yes! 
By now you probably heard about a new store called Jian. It comes from the hands of the former creator of Dysfunctional Designs and do i have to mention all the cute, fantastic and amazing things she does? Perhaps not? If you are part of medieval/gorean styled roleplay worlds, chances are, you came across her creations. Low prim, affordable and super pretty.
I bring to you a few of Jian 's new releases that can be found across several events. All the items bring several texture and other options to make sure it has your personal and unique touch.  
I also fell in love by Tentacio's new decor collection available for the Shiny Shabby event. Decor and Wearable picnic pieces are waiting for you in a 50L Gacha Machine. No rares in this one. Chances of winning are equal! Hooray!
 If you find yourself out shopping, swing by these events before the month is over with. Some of them has awesome gifts and freebies! FAD Fashion Event, Going Bust, Heat Wave, Cosmopolitan, Color Me Project, Uber,
Sneak Peek, Designer Circle, FamouStation, Suicide Dollz, Neverland Gacha Event,
Hauteness, Dressing Room Fusion, On The Boardwalk Gacha Fair, Lyfe of Style,
No21, The Fantasy Collective, My Attic @ The Deck, 21Shoe, The Showroom, 5th Avenue,
Shiny Shabby, Men Only Monthly, Bewbapalooza, Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto,
The Paradise of Fantasy Fair, IDK, SS15, Lubbly Jubblies, The Cosmetic Fair,
Genre, World Goth Fair 2015 , The Secret Affair, The Kawaii Project, Kustom9, Create Your Own Tarot, MESHiON, The Liaison Collaborative, Fit for a Princess, Hauteness, The Thrift Shop 9.0, On9, Collabor88, anybody, 5th Avenue, The Showroom, 6º Republic, La Boutique., Retail Therapy, Theme Stuff Sales Room, The Play Room and The Alchemy.

As for me..i will return sometime next week! Enjoy the post below and happy shopping!

"Ash Trees" from Jian (495L - Home Show 2015 Event. Includes Mesh Tree in Large, Medium and Small Sizes, Set of 3 Trees and Texture HUD with 3 Bark Texture Options, 9 Leaves Texture Options and 4 Season Options. Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

 "Camp Anawanna Tent & Bed" from Jian (295L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Tent with 5 Texture Options, Permissions and Delete Script Option. Mesh Bed with 9 Sleeping Animations and 9 Texture Options. 2 L.I. for Tent and 1 L.I. for Bed. Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

"Camp Anawanna Fire & Log" from Jian (345L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Cuddle Log with 4 Solo Animations, 3 Cuddle Animations and Seasonal Texture Options. Mesh Fire Pit with Several Fire Options, RP Text/Reactive and Timed Options, Ground Dirt with Show/Hide Options. 2 L.I. for Cuddle Log and 1 L.I. for Fire Pit. Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

Stack Of Wood from Zerkalo (Free - We <3 Roleplay Event)

"Kodama Spirits" from Jian (100L - Genre Event. Includes Mesh Kodama Spirit in Open Stand, Sitting 1, Sitting 2 and Stand Versions with Optional Sounds and Fading. 2 L.I. Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

"Tomodachi Tree" from Jian (100L - Genre Event. Includes Mesh Tree in Dancing and Static Versions with 4 Tree Texture Options and 4 Leaves Texture Options. 1 - 3 L.I. Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

 "Spring Picnic" Flask, Cake, Snack Plate, Eggs, Pizza and Milk Bottles from Tentacio (50L Per Play - Shiny Shabby Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Flask (Wear), Milk Bottles (Decor), Pillows (Decor with Poses), Flask (Decor), Eggs (Decor), Pizza (Wear and Decor), Snack Plate (Wear and Decor), Sandwich (Wear and Decor), Pink Blanket (Wear), Green Blanket (Wear), Cake (Decor), Spoons (Decor) and Cloth (Wear and Decor). Original Ad HERE)

"Asbury Patio Furniture" from Jian (Includes Mesh Chair and Mesh Table & Drinks with 16 Wood Texture Options, 10 Pillow Texture Options, 4 Drink Texture Options, 6 Sitting Animations and Rock On/Off Options. 1 L.I. Per Piece. Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

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