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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sun Princess

If you noticed, recently i had set up a little poll, on the right hand side of my blog, to help me decide what other information i should add to this blog. I actually had a good feedback and ended up with about 40 votes during a couple of weeks and thank you if you took your time to vote, it helped me tremendously!
 The result was this:

As you can see, location of pictures was the option the majority had voted for. You asked for it, you got it. From now on you will find on the bottom of my credits the location of where i took my pictures, but there might scenarios that can be private lands or skyboxes so in this case, the public won't have access to such. Either ways, that information will be displayed.
With 23% the "More Freebies" option also won't be forgotten but if you are a freebie lover (just like i am!) i invite you to join The Good Gorean group online. I release freebies lists almost in a weekly basis. These freebies are, of course, fit to any type of fantasy role players. There are more freebies out there that the time i have to blog them so joining the group, you will have them in first hand and faster!
I continue to dig the wonderful findings for the several fantasy events that are open but wait..there's one more coming!!! The Fantasy Collective is now on a monthly basis and it's starting a fresh new round this Thursday! You can find this gorgeous hair from Damselfy among other goodies that i will be sharing on the next few days.
Keep the fantasy going <3

"Augusta - Light Browns +  Faded" Mesh Hair from Damselfy (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Hair, Bald Base Shaper, 6 Alpha Layer Textures and Texture HUD with 9 Hair Texture Options. Available in Bubblegums+Faded, Dark Blondes+Faded, Dark Browns+Faded, Dark Reds+Faded, Light Blondes+Faded, Light Browns+Faded, Light Reds+Faded, Tuxedo+Faded, Essencials and Fatpack)

"Rough Princess - Berry" Mesh Dress from Peqe (350L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes, Alpha Layer and Corset Texture HUD with 10 Corset Texture Options. Available in 7 Different Colors)

"Muse - Gold/Red" Headpiece from Keystone (230L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Headpiece and Texture HUD with 2 Metal texture Options and 7 Gem Texture Options)

"Flower Wreath - Sumac" from ieQED (225L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Wreath and Texture HUD with 4 Flower Texture Options. Available in Bees, Metal, Oak, Sumac and Twilight)

"Harvest Moon - Gold" Necklace from The Forge (Available at The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Necklace. Original Ad HERE. Available in Black, Gold and Silver)

"Claws - Gold" from Bliensen + MaiTai  (99L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Claws Adjusted for SLink Elegant1 and Casual Hands, Size 20 and 30. Available in Gold, Silver and Black)

"Elyan" Bracelets, Part of "Elyan Jewelry Set" from Aisling (50L, Gacha Machine. Commons: Wings, Bracelets, and Armbands in Black, Gold or Silver and Texture HUD with 8 Color Texture Options. Rares: Necklace, Tiara or Elf Ears and Texture HUD with 3 Metal Texture Options, 8 Color Texture Options and Unicorn Om/Off Option. Original Ad HERE)  

Location: Athan

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