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Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello all! It has a a couple of crazy days recently but still trying my best to catch up with all the goodies. The Fantasy Collective has so many great vendors and while the round is open i'll show you here and there a few of my favorite picks. Storybook and May's Soul came out with amazing new releases that i absolutely had to snap pictures of all the pieces! I also fell in love by this couple pose set from an lar and with a little help of a friend, a fairly recent addition into the blogger's world, Ą'iгiк tђe Daгk (sage.spellhunter). Ashes of Dragons is a blog that promises several types unique outfits for different kinds of caracthers in the different roleplay worls of SL, the detail he inputs in each outfit is amazing. Add up his blog in your favorites, you will love it!

"Minaj - Dark Browns" from Taketomi (220L- Seasons Story Event)

"Gabrielle - Black" from Storybook (199L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Top in 5 Sizes, Mesh Bottom in 5 Sizes and 2 Alpha Layers. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Leather and Red)

"Gladiator Sandal - Black" from May's Soul (130L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh L & R Sandals in 5 Sizes and Texture HUD with 2 Metal Texture Options. Available in Black, Brown, Choco and Green. Original Ad HERE

"Soleil - Noir" Armour from Storybook  (Includes Mesh Left Upper Arm Armor, Right Upper Arm Armor, Right Wrist Armor and Left Wrist Armor wit Resize Script. Available in Argent, Noir and Or. Original Ad HERE)

"Kali - Sun Metal" from Storybook (149L. Includes Mesh Necklace with Copy & Mod Permissions. Available in Moon Steel, Sun Metal and Polished Obsidian. Original Ad HERE)

"Water Ninfa Chain - Black" from May's Soul (75L - Tales Of Fantasy Event. Includes Mesh Face Chain.Available in Black, Gold and Silver. Original Ad HERE)

"Protector" Couple Pose Set from an lar (100L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Set for Couples)

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