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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Storybook - Chapter I

Storybook is a fairly recent store that started it's adventure in the immersive world of roleplay merchandise and yes, it's a hard world out there with a lot of competition! 
Miss Vix Nirvana started out by doing a few clothing pieces and finally branched out to accessories and this was when it finally caught my attention. Storybook is participating a few fantasy fashion event, offering a few pieces that are truly gorgeous. These are simple but yet it gives the perfect final touch to our roleplay characters. Featured by some of famous blogs such as FabFree, Storybook is slowly getting it's name out there and earning a league of followers and i am already one of them! Traditions says, i have to interview new creators and so i did, more will come in the future and i promise to show you the new things that Vix Nirvana will offer us.

Storybook Offical Website
Storybook Main Store
Storybook in Marketplace
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Strorybook in Plurk 
Lyah Arryn ( Thanks Vix for accepting this invitation. I mentioned before in previous interviews that i think this is always a good way for people to know better who is behind the wonderful fantasy creations.

Vix Nirvana: Very much my pleasure!

Lyah Arryn ( Let me start with asking you what is your history in roleplay worlds in SL? Where you first started roleplaying as a SL resident?

Vix Nirvana: I can honestly say that I haven't roleplayed as much as I want to.  About 3 year ago I was active in a few sims that are not longer open and whose names are long forgotten.  Now I show interest in a few, admiring their builds and the stories that go behind them.  The largest portion of my RP experience is text-based from before I even arrived in Second Life.  The virtual world is what drew me here though.

Lyah Arryn ( We share the same interest there. Some builds around Sl are truly amazing and it's sad that sometimes they are not much appreciated like they deserve to be. What kind of Roleplay you roleplayed in?

Vix Nirvana: I tend to be more drawn to more to fantasy/medieval settings.  High-fantasy is my spot on favorite.  I have played everything from VtM to Post Apocalyptic.  I spent a solid 12 years on one character with a group of friends from the AOL community.  It was a player created fantasy D&D style text based hybrid called Urth's Legacy..  Anything that let's me have pointed ears and a pointy stick interests me, haha!
Vix Nirvana: Right now I am keeping a close eye on the Mystara SIMS.Vix Nirvana: Very nice people who are quick to see if I need any help as I have been only able to be an observer for now.
make a visit over there myself!

Lyah Arryn ( We have been talking about the past but what do you think the future will bring to SL Roleplay worlds, in your opinion?

Vix Nirvana: I hope a lot!  With mesh creations allowing lower prims and more realistic textures and shapes, the SIM builds are becoming so much more immersive.  Also, the events that are bringing fantasy/medieval/combat/roleplay creators into a mainstream light.  I think it is causing people to take a look at the genre and that part of SL with more than an unturned nose.  Fresh minds and ideas are coming in.

Lyah Arryn ( Now between playing time and of course real life you still found time to start this new project called "Storybook". Tell us all about it! How did it all started?

Vix Nirvana: I have always wanted to start my own store in SL.  Mesh really opened that door for me because I had more experience with 3D design.  I also had this idea for a store.  'Storybook is a place for imaginations' was how I thought of it.  All stories are welcome and I create for all (thought right now it does seem I am in a fantasy cycle! lol).  Fantasy, horror, sci-fi, medieval, mythology, cultural, classics and even children's stories.  I actually started with clothing before I had to take "maternity leave" for about 6 months for preparing for and caring for my firstborn.   Clothing will be coming back very soon but with mesh bodies and appliers and the market a bit wild I wanted to offer accessories for now.  I look forward to offering the range of genres for people.

Lyah Arryn ( I hope you stick with the fantasy world and continue to create the wonderful accessories and clothing! We would love to see more chapters of Storybook. You are currently participating The Fantasy Room and We <3 Roleplay if memory doesn't fail me?

Vix Nirvana: At the moment yes.  I also have items in The Fantasy Collective round at the moment as well.  And Genre upcoming.  October is a month that is going to be full of fairs and events and releases that I am extremely excited about!

Lyah Arryn ( The SL Advertisement has been growing a lot in the last few years and i speak of yes, blogs! Some creators has a negative opinion about bloggers, what do you think exactly of the hundreds of online SL Fashion Blogs? Are you a supporter? What do you think about this kind of advertisement?

Vix Nirvana: I think it is one of the best forms of advertisement.  Seeing an item in a vendor ad is one thing.  Seeing that item styled and worn on an avatar with highlights about how that person feels about it is awesome in my opinion.  Bloggers put in hard work as well.  They have to be abreast of the current trends, events, and feeds to get readers and support.   I personally look to blogs for inspiration on something I buy.  I see someone wearing two pieces that I would have never thought to put together and that generated two sales for two different store from one post.  I completely am thankful for the work bloggers do.

Lyah Arryn ( Me as a blogger i have to defend our work and yes, just like you said, we put dedication in what we do. I thank you for the respect you have, it's always grateful to hear it. We almost in the end of this little chat but before we call it a night would you like to send a message to the readers?

Vix Nirvana: Just that I look forward to making more items that can help enhance their roleplay or just everyday fashion with a touch of any story.  I do thank everyone for their support thus far and into the future.  It really is, as corny or cliche' as it may sound, a dream come true to be doing this.  I am humbled that people enjoy my work. :)

Lyah Arryn ( Thank you Vix and i am sure we will see more about Storybook soon!
Lyah Arryn ( Good luck for the project!

Vix Nirvana: Thank you very much!

"Fable - Hunter" Skin from Lumae (425L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Hunter Skin with Dark Browns, White Browns, No Browns Versions, 2 Cleavage Versions in Tattoo and Undershirt Layers, 2 Brow Shapers, Odette Shape, Odette Shape for Loud Mouth, 2 Tattoo Layers for Eyelashes, White Browns Tintable Layer, Loud Mouth Applier,  Slink Hands, Feet, Physique and Visage appliers, Lola's Tango, Lush, Puffys, WowMeh, AMD Bump, Phat Azz, Loud Mouth Appliers on Omega System. Available in Hunter and Europa Tones)

"Koko Hair - Tuxedo" from Damselfy (185L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Hair, 6 Alpha Layers and 10 Hair Texture Options + 10 Faded Texture Options. Available in Bubblegums, dark Blondes, Dark Browns, Dark Reds, Light Blondes, Light Browns, Light Reds and Tuxedo. Essencials Pack Available for 335L and Fatpack for 1125L)

"Dainty Camisk - Oriental Red" from Kio (140L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Camisk in 5 Sizes, Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, Oriental Red, Oriental Black, Oriental Blue and Oriental Green)

 "Aria Chain Harness - Bronze" from Noodles (225L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Harness in 5 Sizes + Unrigged Version. Available in 5 Different Colors)

"Snake Pauldron - Gold" from ieQED (169L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Left and Right Pauldrons. Available in Bronze, Copper, Gold, Obdisian and Silver)

 "The Night Wings - Gold/Nude" from OrisiniRed (99L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh L & R Wings. Available in Gold/Aqua, Gold/Fuscia and Gold/Nude)

"Le Cercle Licorne" from Folly (225L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Headdress Horn with Several Texture Options for Accents, Enamels, Horns, Flourishes, Pearls, Gems, Beads, Base, Rounds and Bezels)

"Ginger Necklace" from On A Lark (105L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Necklace and Texture HUD with 9 Gem Texture Options, 3 Metal Texture Options and 3 Cord Texture Options)

"Tartarus Chains - Gluttony" from Storybook (70L - The Fantasy Room Event. Includes Mesh Chains for SLink Med Feet and feet Shaper. Available in Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth and Wrath. Original Ad HERE)

*Picture 1* "Wands At The Ready" Pose Pack from Picture This! (175L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes 4 Static Poses + Mirrors and L & R Wand Prop)

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