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Friday, August 22, 2014

See you soon!

The Good Gorean is taking a much needed break. I will be on vacations between the 23rd and mid first week of September so of course this means i won't be available to blog during this time.
In this feeling of putting the blog to rest for a little while, i want to say a big thank you to all my sponsors including fashion event organizers, store owners and the awesome people that daily visit The Good Gorean, the ones that follow me on Flickr and Pinterest. Love you all <3

SL Fantasy Feed has closed the applications process. I will reopen them sometime mid September after i settle and catch up with what i miss. Any new announcements about the SL Fantasy Feed will be made in The Good Gorean Group or Roleplay Fashion Addicts Group.

GE Maps is also in pause mode and is scheduled a return for end of September (maybe sooner then that). Feel free to send me any notecards for future additions or changes in the listings.

Best way to contact me about issues is via notecard.

Below there's a brief summary of all the ongoing and future Fantasy Fashion Events.
25L Tuesday, 30L Saturday and 35L Sunday are weekly Fashion Events.
Tales of Fantasy is OPEN.

We <3 Roleplay starts September 4th.

The Fantasy Room starts on September 5th.
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