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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Manse

"Chartres Bed Set - PG" from Aisling (450L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Bed in Simple, Right Side Canopy and Left Side Canopy, Candle Holder, Bedside Table and Texture HUD with 5 Wood Texture Options, 2 Metal Texture Options, 14 Texture Options for Cushion, Bed Sheet, Mattress, Canopy Drape and 11 Texture Options for Candle Holder Includes more then 50 PG Animations. Available in PG or Adult Version. See Original Ad HERE)

 "Druunah Chair", Part of "Druunah Sofa Set" from Fetch (450L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Chair with 15 Solo Poses, Sofa with 46 Animations and Table. 8 L.I. for Complete Set)

"Celtigar Screen" from Aisling (200L. Includes Mesh Screen with Easy Rotation Panel and Texture HUD. 6 L.I. to 3 L.I. after deleting scripts)

Rug from Aisling (Free)

Chloe II Plant from Aisling (Free)

"Terra Little Table" and "Kaitlin Books", Part of "Fantastyc Four" Set from Aisling (350L. Includes 4 Different Items. Books & Candle Holders, Jewel box and Table)

"Library Bookpiles" from Dysfunctional Designs (145L. Includes 5 Different Book Piles with 6 Texture Options. 1 L.I., Copy & Mod and 100% Original Mesh)

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