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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sweet Summer Child

If you clicked to see this post, you probably seen a very familiar setup on other blogs and i admit..sometimes makes me feel awkward. It happens time to time, different bloggers dressing the same things and not that it's a copy cat situation but it's because most of us end up being in the same sponsorship groups. But still...yeah..feels weird to me. I had snapped these pictures a few days ago when i glanced over other awesome blogs like The Blogging Elf or Harvest The Geek and these authors had posted a very similar version of what i'm about to show you. I do apologize about this situation but with all respect was not my intention to copy their styles but yes i believe we have the same taste and a good one, won't you agree?
Basically all the Fantasy Fashion Events are open and thriving with hot merchandise. A little bit for everybody no matter where you play in so take a look and make your shopping lists. 

Skin from Al Vulo! (Group Gift)

"Demon Eyes" from The Skinnery (125L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes 3 Sets of Regular Eyes and 3 Sets of Mesh Eyes with Glow)

Hair from Rumina (Group Gift)

Skirt from Peqe (50L, Gacha Machine - Tales of Fantasy)

"Studded Bangles - Gold" from The Forge (150L - The Countdown Room. Includes Mesh R and L Bangles for Upper and Lower Arm. Available in Gold, Black and Silver. Fatpack Available for 250L)

"Chain Tunic - Gold" Chestpiece from The Forge (50L, Gacha Machine - Tales of Fantasy. Rares: Chestpieces in Gold, Gold/White, Red, Silver and Black Including Lola's Friendly Version)

"Aphrodite's Horns - Gold" from The Forge (50L, Gacha Machine - Tales of Fantasy. Includes Mesh L and R Horns. Ultra Rares: Aphrodite's Horns in Gold, Black/Silver, Black/Gold and Silver)

"Atenea Staff - Gold" from May's Soul (Available at Totally Top Shelf Event. Includes Mesh Staff in Regular and for Back Versions and Texture HUD with 5 Gem Texture Options)

"Unsullied Mask - Gold" from ANE (200L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Mask in Silver, Black, Gold and Black-Onyx and with 4 Rose Options Each)

"Mesperyian's Claws" from Sweet Poison (Available at Totally Top Shelf Event. Includes Left and Right Claw and Texture HUD with 5 Texture Options)

"Bloom Hands" Tattoo for SLink Hands from Sweet Poison (50L per Play, Gacha Machine - Tales Of Fantasy Event. Available in Black, Brown, Red, White and Yellow)

"Paisley Tatto" from On A Lark (150L. Includes Tattoo in 3 Tones and Lolas Appliers)

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