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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Couching Law

Has been forever that i haven't done a oriented BtB post but today i had the chance to put together something special for all Free Women of Gor and i mean the real women, the ones that has to play by the true gorean laws inside a gorean city.

Free Women has laws that protect them and laws that state when a Free Woman may be legally enslaved. Not all laws apply to all cities but there is usually a general list that have to abide by it like per example, one law that most of gorean roleplayers are familiar with:  A free woman must have a proper attire.
A funny fact is that there is no law in the books that states a Free Woman may be legally enslaved for being insolent, insulting, ridiculing or demeaning a man BUT a free woman living in this society should know her place and the proper way to act.
One of the most controversial laws you can find in the gorean saga is The Couching Law that states that a Free Woman cannot have sex with a male slave she does not own. It does not prevent her from having sex with a slave she does own. It also means that she only has to prepare to have sex with someone else's slave to be in violation.

To all of the free women of gor in the BtB universe, you can be fancy and fashionable. Just check below what can you put together by purchasing clothing pieces from the best Fantasy designers.

"Queen Regent - Silver" from FATEplay (375L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes, Mesh Belt in 5 Sizes and 4 Color Options and Alpha Layers. Available in Silver and Quartz)

"Treffa Cloak" from FATEplay (300L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Female Cloak in 5 Sizes, Mesh Male Cloak in 5 Sizes and Customization HUD with 6 Cloak Wear Styles, 16 Texture Options, Wear Hood Up/Down and Tint Color Options)

"Arabian Roses - Blue" Headdress and Necklace from May's Soul (Available at The Fantasy Gacha. Commons: Bracelets and Necklace in Blue, Dark, Pink, Red and Yellow. Rares: Headdress and Belt with Texture HUD. Ultra Rare: Epic Headdress with Texture HUD)

"Hind - White&Pearl" SLink Flats Addon from Aisling (Includes Mesh Fats and Texture HUD with 6 Texture Options for the Different Parts of the Flats. Available in Black&Grey, Red&Purple, Blue&Green, Browns and White&Pearl)
"Any free woman who couches with another's slave, or readies herself to couch with another's slave, becomes herself a slave, and the slave of the slave's master."
Magicians of Gor, Pg 7
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