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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Black Larl

If you are not familiar with what a "Larl" is, you must first blend into a gorean themed roleplay sim. By exploring this roleplay universe chances are you will find a Larl character but what is it exactly? A lark is basically a A large (7 ft. at shoulder) feline cat like pupils and a broad viper shaped head, carnivorous and where the females of the species tends to be smaller. This animal is the equivalent of a lion in planet earth.
But (yes, there's always a but) you have different kinds of larl's depending in the geography and i bet my silver coins that most of gorean roleplayers do not realize this.
A Black Larl is predominately nocturnal larl which is sable coated and maned both male and female. The Red Larl in another hand, is a predominately day hunting larl which is tawny-red coated and has no mane in either male or female. You also have White Larl's and Snow Larl's. The White Larl is seen only in the icy mountains of the Sardar they are the largest of the big cats approximately 8 feet standing. It's upper canines extending below their jaws very similar to saber-toothed tiger and long tails are tufted at the ends. The Snow Larl is small mammal, about 10 inches high, weighing between 8 and 12 pounds having 4 legs. The snow lart has two stomachs and hunts in summer, filling the second stomach in the fall to last the animal through winter. It's pelt is snowy white and thick. It is considered valuable, selling in Ar for half a silver tarsk. They are found in the Polar North.
This animal, a synonym of power was the perfect inspiration to change up my avatar into a humanoid black larl of some sorts with the help of Folly. Folly is a new brand (formerly Skinthesis) of fantastical fantasy products. You can find a little bit of everything here including jewelry, all kind of tattoo layers, eyes and other types of avatar accessories for both genres. Currently there's a great gift waiting for you at Folly Mainstore so grab it after you take a look below of some of the goodies you can find there. Demos are available for the tattoos, woot woot!

"Mientje - Essentials" Mesh Hair from Mina Hair (188L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Materials or No Materials Rigged Mesh Hair and Alpha Layer. Available in Several Colors)

"Hubhahb Wolf Eyes - Blue Moon" from Folly (Subscriber Gift)

"Drow - Slate" Skin from Pink Fuel (600L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Skin With White Browns, Skin with No Brows, 4 Different Brow Layers, Brow Shaper, SLink Hands & Feet Applier, Lola Tangos Applier, Lush Breasts Applier, Puffy Breasts Applier, Loud Mouth Applier,AMD Baby Bump Applier, Phat/Cute Azz Aplier, Ghetto Booty Applier, WoWMeh Mesh Body Applier, Perkies Applier, Cleavage Enhancer Tattoo Layers, Athletic Body Layers, Small Chest Shading Layers, Dehancer Shading Layers, Curvy Body Shading Layers, Boi/Athletic Boi Layers and Remove Vagina Layers. Available in Dusk, Night, Stone, Moon and Slate)

"Tintable Scales Tattoo - Smooth Scales, Silver" from Folly (100L. Includes 4 versions of the tattoo: Black, Silver, White and Steel in sock and gloves texture layer, regular tattoo layer, Lola's Applier with Bra or Top Option and Phat Azz Applier with Pants or Underpants Options. Available in Ruffle Scales, Smooth Scales or Armor Scales) 

"Mother of Dragons - Full set" from Folly (5000L or 50L in Gacha Machine. Includes Belly Ring, L and R Bracelet, Collar, Crown, L and R ear Cuff, Fanny Fob, L and R Pauldron, L and R Ring, L and R Shin Bracers, L and R Anklets for Medium and Flat SLink feet, L and R Thigh Cuff, L and R Arm Cuff, Vagewels and 21 thong options. All set has 21 metals and 31 gemstone color options)

"Elven Cloak" from PFC (250L. Includes Mesh Cloak for Male and Femaleand Customize HUD with 7 Color Options)

 “The larl is a predator, clawed and fanged, quite large, often standing seven feet at the shoulder. I think it would be fair to say that it is substantially feline; at any rate its grace and sinuous power remind me of the smaller but similarly fearsome jungle cats of my old world.”
Priest Kings of Gor, Pg 18
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