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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Butterfly Whisperer

Majority of the fantasy events are open and will be few days or weeks till they shut down and prepare for new refreshing rounds. This is the perfect time to check around what new SL hunts are going on and catch up with several group gifts. Just a small reminder that every time i find a gift that can be used in the fantasy realm of SL i'll share right away on my personal group: The Good Gorean group.
Plenty to see down below as i gathered a hand full of gifts and hunt prizes on the last couple of days. If you wish to dig on full reports of what hunt you can make, visit SL Hunts Official Blog. An amazing website with updated hunts that are added daily with all the information you can possibly need.

Skin from WoW Skins (Group Gift)

Hair from Milk (Group Gift)

Dress from NSC (1L - WomenStuff Hunt)

Flower Head Piece from NSC (10L - When Pigs Fly Hunt)

Necklace and Circlet from Aisling (Free - 1st Anniversary Gift)

Butterflies from Le Poppycock (1L - Funny Puppet Fair Hunt)

SLink Nail Appliers from alaskametro<3 (Free - Marketplace

"Fairy Wings - Gold" from Una (Available at The Fantasy Gacha. Commons: Bottel, Celeste, Olive, Pink, Vine and Dark Blue. Rares: Gold, Black Gold, Black Gold 2, Rainbow and Silver)

"Wand Heart - Gold" from Una (Available at The Fantasy Gacha. Commons: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green. Rares: Gold and Star Gold)

"Sweet Box" from Tentacio (50L - Kustom9 Event. Commons: Cornetto Choco, Cornetto Strawberry, Cornetto Pistachio, Ice Cream Choco, Ice Cream Strawberry, Ice Cream Pistachio, Lolly Cat Choco, Lolly Cat Cream, Lolly Cat Toffee, Milkshake Choco, Milkshake Vanilla and Milkshake Strawberry. Rares: Sweet Box)

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