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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vosk River Pirate

Attention to all Pirates of Gor, Middle Earth and Earth, this round of The Fantasy Collective is for you!
Starting tomorrow you will have access to a massive treasured collection of accessories and clothing all to fit my mateys needs. Always a fun subject to blog about so i couldn't miss the opportunity to be a pirate myself dressed by some of the great designers participating this event

It is public knowledge among the gorean roleplayers the existence of pirates in gor. Pirates are labeled as outlaws and have no caste and nor do they claim any Home Stone but there is an exception. Port Kar is the only gorean city that recognizes thieves and pirates as a Caste.
Their skills are held in high repute. The thieves themselves are proud and sons often follow in the footsteps of their father. Even women may belong to this Caste and freely practice its skills. Caste members wear a brand on their right cheek, the infamous Thief's Scar. It is a tiny, three-pronged brand burned into the face in back of and below the right eye, over the cheekbone.

Mesh Hair from Divalicious Designs (Free - Easter Egg Hunt

"Cabin Gurl Bloomers Set - Rum Red" from The White Armory (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Outfit in 5 Sizes, Mesh L and R Boots, Ruffle Choker, Tricorn Hat, Eye Patch and Alpha Layers. Available in Briny Blue, Davy Jones Jade, Doubloon, Grog Green and Rum Red)

"The Salty Dog Eye Patch - Leather" from Sweet Poison (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Leather Eye Patch for each eye and Texture HUD with 4 Patch Texture Options, 2 Straps Texture Options and 2 Stitching Texture Options. Available in Fur and Leather)

"Pirate Hat - Black" from May's Soul (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Pirate Hat. Available in Black, Blue and Brown)

"Mowie Pirate - Pink" Shoulder Pet from May's Soul (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Pirate Hat. Available in Blue, Cream and Pink)

"Forged Honor" from EZ Weaponry (600L. Includes Mesh Sword Sheath with No Animations, Sword Sheath with Animations, Shield, Shield Sheath, Shield, Sword Novo 2.04, Novo 2 HUD, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Trigger Gestures)

 "The Lost Pirate Island" from Kalopsia *Displayed Behind My Avatar* (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Pirate Island)

SLink Nail Appliers from A:S:S (Free)

 "He was pirate indeed, and slaver, and murderer and thief, a cruel and worthless man, abominable, truly Port Kar"
 Raiders of Gor, Pg 102
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