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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sun Or Rain?

This mixed up weather makes us wonder what to wear but this is not the case of Second Life. I decided to dig into my chest of memories and found some pieces of the very beginning where GSpot (now known as Enfant Terrible) made it's first steps in building mesh. Even being old pieces they are still very wearable and i don't intend to delete GSpot folders anytime soon. These pieces were perfectly mesh with the high waist skirt i found at the For The Love of Boobies Hunt.
The star of this post is however, The Forge! On yesterday's posts i mentioned about this new event called The Countdown Room and for our delight, The Forge is also participating this event with a set of wonderful mesh bracelets. No matter what you wear, these bracelets will match your colors of preference. More releases are coming out and i'm super excited to show everything to you on the next few days so keep your eyes open.

Hair from Little Bones (Group Gift)

 Undershirt and Belt from GSpot (Part of "Stunner" Dress. Could not find this dress in Marketplace place but if you really want to buy copy feel free to contact LeEnfantTerrible)

Blazer from R.icielli (179L)

"Celtic Bangles" from The Forge (Coming Soon - The Countdown Room Event. Includes Mesh L Bangle, Mesh R Bangle and Texture HUD with 7 Different Texture Options for 5 Faces)

"Cluster Ring" from The Forge (300L. Includes Cluster Ring Diamonds, Cluster Ring Diamonds L Index Finger, Cluster Ring Diamonds R Index Finger, Cluster Ring L Ring Finger, Cluster Ring R Ring Finger and Texture HUD) 

"Bauble" Necklace from The Forge (299L. Include Mesh Necklace with Texture HUD)

"Skull Cutter Eyepatch" from The Forge (99L. Includes Bronze, Silver and Black Eyepatch with Male and Female Versions. Mod and Copy)  

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