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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Oh yes, dance your socks off because Dancers By Kayladark has a bunch of new dancers available in her marketplace store! Just pick your favorites from a long list of hits like Katy Perry, Coldplay, The Chainsmokers, Justin Timberlake, Billy Ray Cyrus ft Buck 22, You Me At Six, Pharrell Williams (*because i'm happpppyyyyy*) and even a Fatpack is available if your having a hard time to decide what you want. If you purchase the singles, it's only 25L..that's like nothing. All these dancers has very nice animations, approved and tested by the good gorean!
Open the box of happiness at Dancers By Kayladark Marketplace Store, i swear, i love these things!

Ok so let me share with you more news! First off, The Fantasy Collective is preparing another super round and this time the theme will be 1800's Pirates. Always a very good pick, we all love pirates and no matter what roleplay world you play in there is always a role that is close enough to be a pirate or it's a pirate itself. Keep your eyes open in all fantasy blogs because pretty soon the first previews will come out. Speaking of Fantasy Blogs, The "SL Gorean Feed" moved to a new url and changed it's name to "SL Fantasy Feed". I decided to go beyond with the Feed and name it properly since a lot of the blogs listed in the old Second Life Gorean Feed are from other roleplay worlds. Over the last months, Medieval, Game of Thrones and other type of ancient/rustic roleplay blogs has been added to this feed daily. All fantasy stores that owns a blog/website or fantasy bloggers that i missed adding to this data base feel free to buzz in my im and share your links (send a notecard if i'm offline).

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