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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Fabric Shop

"The Fabric Shop" comes to life by the hands of Dysfunctional Designs and will suit perfectly for your village decoration and a must have for everybody that enjoys a seamstress/tailor roleplay. The awesome set includes 7 pieces (not all shown in the picture below) with a ton of texture options for only 485L.
Traditionally, a tailor (usually a man) makes men's clothes and a seamstress (usually a woman) makes women's clothes. I came across a lot of seamstresses during my years of roleplaying but a tailor? Nope. Throwing this out there for anyone that would like to have a original role and i believe being a Tailor would create a lot of roleplay between blacksmiths, warriors and so on. 
The first records of sewing things together dates back to the Paleolithic Age but only later in history, during the European Medieval period that Seamstresses and Tailors were known and hired to create fabulous dresses that inspire all the fantasy creators to design the clothes we love to wear in SL.
Decorative embroidery was valued in many cultures worldwide and considered an art by many people. With the years a lot has changed but still this art form can be seen of the creations of famous Tailors like Coco Chanel and Christian Dior....and what a expensive art!

"The Fabric Shop" Set from Dysfunctional Designs (485L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Racks of Rolls with 8 Different Textures for Bottom, Top, Second, Thrid Shelves and 2 Different Mix Textures. Knickknack Shelf. Work Desk with 4 Wood Textures and 4 Clutter Textures. Work Stool with 4 Wood Textures, Several Animations and Tool Giver Prop. Stand of Rolls with Left and Right 4 Different Texture Options. Mannequin. Shelf of Bolts with 2 Different Texture Options)
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