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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spider Queen

Even being in gorean roleplay after all these years, i still find myself sometimes browsing and reading about the novels (well, my character is a scribe after all). There are small groups of Non Human Peoples of Gor and if you don't know who are they, let me share this with you. We have the Urt People and Spider People and reading about the Spider People Of Gor, got me to put together this human version of a "Spider Queen".
The "real" Spider People are intelligent and large enough to be ridden. Typically, Spider People do not harm other rational creatures but female spiders during the mating seasons are everything but gentle towards male mates.
Geography, these creatures can be found on the swamps north of Ar and they are also called Swamp Spiders.
The webs made by these spiders are highly wanted by Ar's residents and most of the men that encounter this type of creature would kill it instantly.
The most famous Spider Person from the novels is called "Nar" where together with Tarl Cabot embark on one of a kind adventure.
On a final note, The Fantasy Collective is open!!

Skin from Glam Affair (Group Gift)

Hair from Pelle (199L) *Edited*

Dress from Meli Imako (Free - Marketplace)

"Cour Des Cauchemars Crown" from Aisling (100L - Genre Event. Includes Mesh Crown with Resizer Script and Delete Script Option. Available in Gold and Silver)

"Cour Des Cauchemars Collar" from Aisling (100L - Genre Event. Includes Mesh Collar with Resizer Script and Delete Script Option. Available in Gold and Silver)

"Almera" Shoes from HopScotch (Available at The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh R and L Shoes and Shoe Base. For SLink Flat Feet. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Ocher, Pink, Purple, Red and Teal)

"Fashun Staff - Black" from Enfant Terrible (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 8 Crown Types as Commons, 8 Staff Types as Commons, 4 Crown Types as Rares, 4 Staff Types as Rares, 1 Ultra Rare Crown and 1 Ultra Rare Staff)

"I heard the mechanically reproduced sound again. It said, 'My name is Nar, and I am of the Spider People.'
I then saw for the first time that strapped to his abdomen was a translation device, not unlike those I had seen in Ko-ro-ba. It apparently translated sound impulses, below my auditory threshold, into the sounds of human speech. My own replies were undoubtedly similarly transformed into some medium the insect could understand. One of the insect's legs twiddled with a knob on the translation device. 'Can you hear this?' he asked. He had reduced the volume of the sound to its original level, the level at which he had asked his original question.
'Yes,' I said.
The insect seemed relieved. 'I am pleased,' he said. 'I do not think it is appropriate for rational creatures to speak loudly.'
'You have saved my life,' I said. 'Thank you.'
'My web saved your life,' corrected the insect. He was still for a moment, and then, as if sensing my apprehension, said, 'I will not hurt you. The Spider People do not hurt rational creatures.'
'I am grateful for that,' I said.
The next remark took my breath away.
'Was it you who stole the Home Stone of Ar?'
I paused, then, being confident the creature had no love for the men of Ar, answered affirmatively.
'That is pleasing to me,' said the insect, 'for the men of Ar do not behave well towards the Spider People. They hunt us and leave only enough of us alive to spin the Cur-lon Fibre used in the mills of Ar. If they were not rational creatures, we would fight them."

Tarnsman of Gor, Pg 82
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