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Monday, February 17, 2014


Once upon a time i had a cold and then..i had it again. Surely wish your Monday is better then mine because right now I'm surrounded by boxes of Kleenex but i'm not here to talk about me and yes to talk about the great findings and new releases for my favorite roleplay nerd: You!
It is nice to see Stitched Gods branching out to other type of events just like the The Pier Market Event that
Stitched Gods is participating. This is always good to promote the roleplay worlds of SL for those who don't know what they are missing and a step ahead to promote the store itself. I said here many times that makes my eyes tear up seeing these stores growing when i was there to watch their first steps..just like a momma seeing her baby going to college...seriously, don't make fun of me now!

The "Godbelieve" Headpiece from Aisling has become my new favorite, this new release is a great fit for royal ladies and it goes with any dress you have. The texture hud on this thing will make your like much easier when you will try to match colors.
Finally, my sweet Enfant Terrible has a very fun set on the gacha machine at the L'Acessories event. Beside the chandelier wings i'm wearing you can try your luck and get the matching necklaces and bracelets. Super fun and original!

Skin from Dulce Secrets (Group Gift)

Eyes from B. Sinister (Free - Marketplace)

Hair from kik (valentine's Day Subscriber Gift)

Dress from Mimi's (Free)

"Heart Stonre Locket Necklace - Gold" from Stitched Gods (150L - The Pier Market Event. Includes Mesh Necklace with Open and Close Script with customized permissions for two pics of your choosing through the script. Available in Cobalt, Copper, Crimson, Gold, Rusted Bronze and Silver)

"Godbelieve" Headpiece from Aisling (350L. Inludes Mesh Headpiece and Texture HUD with 5 Metal Textures, 14 Pearl Textures and 56 Fabric Textures)

"Faranth Set - Silver" Armbands and Shoulder Pieces from Aisling (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. "Gold, Silver and Black Bracers", "Gold, Silver and Black Thigh" and "Gold, Silver and Black Lower Leg" Pieces as Commons. Dragon "Queen Collar" and "Dragon Queen" Pauldrons that includes Texture HUD with 3 Metals, 12 Main Stones and 11 Drops as Rares. "Dragon Queen Crown" and Texture HUD with 3 Metals, 4 Scales, 12 Cabochons, 12 Main Stones, 11 Drops and 9 Roses Texture Options as Ultra Rare)

 "Tiernan" Belt from aisling (210L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Belt and Texture HUD with 6 Metals and 9 Gem Textures for the 3 Different Gems)

"Candle Light Chandelier Wings - Goth" from Enfant Terrible (50L per play - L'Acessories Event. 4 Necklaces as Commons, 7 Bracelets and Commons and 4 Scripted Wings as Rares)

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