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Monday, January 20, 2014

Your Majesty

Most of you know how beautiful Junbug's dresses are, plus it is truly exciting to see a store with roleplay roots participating a lot of fashion events, specially Collabor88 as being one of the best. For the The Fantasy Collective event, Junbug brings another stunning dress and simply perfect for any kind of roleplay making your purchase even more worthy. The pictures below won't make it's justice, the dress flows amazingly with the avatar, the textures are rich and unique and i love how she included already accessories saving all the work of mix and matching for the client. This is absolutely one of the favorite pieces of this round of The Fantasy Collective.
Heads up for glamorous headpiece from The Library, a great match for the dress!

  Hair from Clawtooth (188L - Collabor88 Event)

"Classic Manteau" from Junbug (450L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Available in Classic, Cobalt, Crimson, Moss and Night)

"Fashun Crows - Ultra Rare" from Enfant Terrible (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 8 Crown Types as Commons, 8 Staff Types as Commons, 4 Crown Types as Rares, 4 Staff Types as Rares, 1 Ultra Rare Crown and 1 Ultra Rare Staff)

"Alais Headress - Ruby" from The Library (100L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Available in Amethyst, Cobalt, Emerald, Onyx and Ruby)

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