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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Seasons Story - Aisling

Our dear Aisling had a short break for the holidays and now it's back with a bunch of new cute things for all their customers. The set below has a touch of romance and winter, a perfect combination in my opinion when Valentine's Day approaches. These original mesh creations are available at The Seasons Story, a very popular event that has been offering quality mesh work in the several areas like Fashion, Decor, etc...
Valentine's Day is not a occasion that most of our roleplay worlds celebrate but this won't stop you to show how much you love your partner. This set is a cute and perfect gift for you girlfriend and a great opportunity to charm the woman of your second life without using the magic "snake". Scroll down for all the details in all the pieces including the sale price tags!

"Catty's Comfy Set" from Aisling (450L - The Seasons Story Event. Includes Mesh Armchair with more then 75 different animations from Single Female/Male, Chat, Couple to Prop Giver. 2 L.I, Mod&Copy. Bottles Lamp, 2 L.I., Mod&Copy. Roses Ice and Frozen Pink, 1 L.I., Mod&Copy. Lil' Table, 1 L.I., Mod&Copy. Ground Roses, 1 L.I., Mod&Copy)

"Deer Heart Chair" from Aisling (125L - The Seasons Story Event. Includes 5 Different Animations, 1L.I, Mod&Copy)

"Flocon" from Aisling (150L Each Set - The Seasons Story Event. Includes 4 Different Colors in Each Set and a Wearable Snowflake Necklace. Available in Natural or Candy)
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