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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Staffs and Shields

I have gone ape shit with manipulation programs so i have been retouching the pictures here and there, trying new things around and mostly having fun with it!
My good friend and dear sponsor, Stitched Gods is participating The Fantasy Gacha Carnival and after i annoyed him to hell to make Game of Thrones inspired shields, they finally came..and wow, they are SO awesome, thumbs up to the wonderful original mesh work!! These are a must piece to add to your list and they the kind of "accessory" the cool kids are wearing these days but note these are functional shields...hold your breath they will be coming soon to you.
Together with the amazing shields you have the beautiful staffs and several good looking mesh sleeves and all made by Stitched Gods. The Sweet Pea could not be left out and expect to see in her Gacha Machine lovely headpieces just like the one i'm wearing below.

Outside the roleplay world other fashion events are running and offering tons of great deals: Pre-Release Gatcha Garden, Atelier Kreslo Cupcake Festival, SL Fashion Week, Lyfe of Style, The Collage, Stuff in Stock, My Attic @ The Deck, Fashion Stars, Cosmopolitan Sales Room, Soho Market, The Pier Market, The Gallery Gift Shop, Creator Warehouse, Project Limited, The Dressing Room Fusion are some of the shopping places to hit. Get that shopping started!!!

Hair from Little Bones (Group Gift)

"Wende - Amethyst" Dress from Fateplay (500L)

 "Game of Couches - Shields" from Stitched Gods (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Commons: Arryn, Blackfyre, Bolton, Dondarrion, Egen, Frey, Goodbrother, Harlaw, Hightower, Karstark, Martell, Swann, Swyft, Drake's Stag, King's Stag and Whent. Rares: Greyjoy,  Baelish, Dothraki, Tully, Clegane, Tyrell, Baratheon. Epics: Stark, Targaryen and Lannister)

"Staff - Gnarled Green" from Stitched Gods (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Commons: Monk Staff in Black/Blue, Black/Silver, Blue/Black, Gold/Silver, Green/Red, Red/Green, Silver/Black, Silver/Gold and Gnarled Staff in Cyan, Gold, Green, Pink, Red and Silver. Rares: Gnarled Staff in Frosty, Frosty Mage, Commander Staff in Black/Blue, Green/Red, Emperor Staff and Witch Staff)

"Nitestar" Headpiece from The Sweet Pea (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Commons: Salvation, Earth, Grape, Rose, Water and Wind. Uncommons: Earth, Grape, Rose, Salvation, Val, Water and Wind. Rares: Earth, Fire, Salvation, Water and Wind. Ultra Rares: Fear and Love)

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