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Monday, January 13, 2014


"In Gorean legends the Priest-Kings are said to have formed man from the mud of the earth and the blood of tarns. In the legends on Torvaldsland, man has a different origin. Gods, meeting in council, decided to for a slave for themselves, for they were all gods, and had no slaves. They took a hoe, an instrument for working in the soil, and pit it among them. They then sprinkled water upon this implement and rubbed upon it sweat from their bodies. From this hoe was formed most men. On the other hand, that night, one of the gods, curious, or perhaps careless, or perhaps driven from the hall and angry, threw down upon the ground his own great ax, and upon this axe he poured paga and his own blood, and the axe laughed and leaped up, and ran away. The god, and all the gods, could not catch it, and it became, it is said, the father of the men of Torvaldsland."

Torvaldsland is based on the Vikings and Norsemen of Earth's history so all the Gods this civilization worshipped were adapted to Torvaldsland faith culture.

 Odin: He is the god of magic and death, but only the god of death for the warriors which has fallen in fight. Odin is the king of the gods, as he is the greatest. He is the father of all humans and to most of the other gods, example. Balder, Thor and others. Odin only has one eye, because he had to give away one eye to be allowed to drink of the well of wisdom: Mimer’s Well. 

Freja, Goddess of Love: for the mild and passionate kind of love. She is the daughter of Njord. She lives in Folkvang, a beautiful garden and is married to Od. She has a carriage with two cats instead of horses. She has a very special necklace called Brisingamen And her very special feather coat which makes her able to fly.

Thor (My Marvel Hero!): Thor is the god of war, and the strongest of all gods. He is the god who fights, while for example Tyr decides the result of the fight. He can also be called the god of fights. He is also the god, who protects the humans against evil giants and trolls. Thor has a hammer called Mjoelner. It has the ability to always hit it’s target, and always come back to him. Besides that Thor also has a pair of iron gloves and a belt of strength to double his power. He has a carriage with two male goats, Tandgnost and Tandgnister. 

Hair from Pelle (199L)

Outfit from Dawn of Empires (Group Gift) *This outfit was originally posted in Expediente-SL Blog*

"Gladius of Mortus" from EZ Weaponry (600L. Includes Gladius of Mortus Novo 2.02, Gladius of Mortus Sheath with or without Animations, v3 Shield, Shield Sheath, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Novo 2 HUD)

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