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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Terribly Festive

I can't avoid it, i'm a gift junky so i had to keep sharing more goodies. With so many hunts, fairs and gifts to celebrate the holidays there is always something for everybody regardless your taste and roleplay character.
Lelutka put out a another great mesh hair for all the members of the group, NCore is offering a great pair of mesh boots for the Holidays, a fun Kajira outfit can be found for free at Deadly Embrace MP Store, Frost Fair is slammed packed with gifts and one of them is the skin I'm wearing below! Take a moment to check the fab gown I'm wearing below as well and if you think the dress is gorgeous wait till you see the accessories Enfant Terrible has specially made for the Genre event! Finally hurry up to On A Lark, a bunch of new furniture releases are waiting for you and stop by the Atooly Christmas Event to get a copy of this beautiful mesh garland made by Dysfunctional Designs.

Skin from Shock (1L - The Frost Fair)

Eyes from Poetic Colors (Group Gift)

Hair from Emo-Tions (Free - Advent 2013)

"Evening Glam Gown" from Enfant Terrible (Subscriber Gift)

"Lotties Darling Necklace & Eyecatcher - Orange" Necklace and Headband from Enfant Terrible (100L - Genre Event. Includes Mesh Necklace and Headband. Available in Orange, Beige, Green, Red, Grey and Rose)

"Ailida's Bangles" from The Forge (350L. Includes Upper Arm, Lower Leg and Wirst Bracers with optional OC Scripts. Available in Gold, Silver, WornBronze, Bronze and Black) 

"Cottage Fireplace" from [Tia] (500L. Includes a detachable chimney stack and customizable photo frame of your loved ones, Simply drop your own on the image to change it. Has animated mesh flame and touch to on/off for fire sound. Comes in two sizes, but its all mod so you can change as you see fit. 7 Prim for large 4 prim for small7 Prim for large 4 prim for small)

"Starry Night Garland" from Dysfunctional Designs (145L - Atooly Christmas Event. Includes 5 Garland Texture Options with small or large LOD options. Choose from all silver, all gold or mixed silver-gold start textures. 1 L.I., Copy and Mod, Texture Change Scripted and 100% Original Mesh)

"Twig Chair" from On A Lark (150L. Includes Partial Mesh Twig Chair with Texture HUD for Wood and Bark. 6 Sits. 2 L.I.)

"Twig Table" from On A Lark (75L. Includes Partial Mesh Twig Table with Texture HUD for Wood. 1L.I.)

Wooden Christmas Tree from Sweet Poison (Includes Mesh Christmas Tree with Texture HUD)

"Xmas Presents" from The Forge (499L. Includes Full Perm Style Christmas Boxes with Different Wrappings and Six Different Ribbons, Textures, Bake Maps and UV's)

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